Sunday, 29 December 2019

Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker.

Image result for rise of skywalkerYesterday Auntie Fiona, Auntie Hazel, Uncle Colin and I went to see Star wars the rise of Skywalker. The Finale to the worldfamous program did not dissapoint. We were given the surprising Identity of Rey and I'm not sure anyone was ready for it to be honest. However I'm not spoiling, because that wouldn't be fair. We were introduced to new characters who might be key in giving us a new storyline in the star wars universe and learned the pasts of some other more well known characters. The emperor was as predictable as ever to be honest, he's too sharp to be fooled. The rebellion tried to fool him and he knew about it. I kinda wasn't surprised. But he still stayed as one of those characters you love to hate which is exactly my relationship with Emperor Palpatine. Rey can spend the rest of her life being happy, knowing who she is and I'm glad the franchise ended like this.
May the Force Be with you my fellow Jedi readers.

My first escape room!

Today I went to an escape room! It was called the heist. The whole idea was that we had to go into a room retireve a diamond and escape from said room. we started off really quick and then on the last second room we got stuck because we had to count the pearls on each broach but they were taken out of the jewelerry box they came from so the order was muddled up and we had to get some help from the lady in the TV. I really enjoyed it. The puzzles really got you to think on your feet, and you know what made it even better? There were lazerbeams! I felt a little bit like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible, crawling and lunging past the lazers. I reckon a way to makeit better would be to make the lazers a little more complex but still easy enough to get passed. I really liked getting passed every room and I did kinda feel a bit like a special agent/burglar.
It was a fun and witful experience i really enjoyed it and hope that I can do it again!


Yesterday we had christmas in Scotland. It was lovely. Fearne loved her presents and she was absolutely adorable! I got these awesome pants and a lovely art set as well as a coin purse, note book, and mirror from Japan that I really like. And i got some black and white checkered Vans but they were too big so we're going to get a smaller size we had turkey and trifle and our breakfast was delicious as well. Gran got a coffee maker and Granpa got some knives. They both got a thermos which is sweet! WE had a great day with the family and I had christams dinner with Gran Granpa and Auntie Fiona.

Friday, 27 December 2019

The European Union and what's going on with it.

Image result for the euToday me and Granpa where just conversing over breakfast then somehow we started talking about Politics and then one thing leaded to another and I found myself watching a documentary called the Brexit. It was all about what the European union is and what it does.
I tried to take notes but halfway through I was getting tired of pausing the video and playing it back and the notes that I had recorded got deleted maybe because I didn't save them? (I'm still trying to figure out my new phone) So i'll try recall things from memory.
The European union is a group of 28 countries unified, It's supposed to be a democracy. But first we must understand what a democracy is.
Democracy comes from ancient greek. Demos means the people. Democracy is supposed to be that the people choose who becomes the leader. The elected official is supposed to serve the people not dictate them. In return they get a little bit of the power and the people can take it away from him anytime. At least thats the ideology of it.
The European union is made up of seven main istitutions which include, the European union parliament, the council of the European union, the european union council and the european union comission, as well as other seemingly pointless institutions.
The comission is appointed by the government and the members of the EU aren't recognized by most of the public. Not much of europe recognise their own politicians. *cough*mygranpadoes*cough* and don't get me started in the parliament.
Members of Parliament don't get a say in laws. This means they cant: Propose legislation, oppose legislation or even appeal legislation. They basically have to agree on everything the unelected comission says, and they get payed more than they should.
That's right people are getting paid in the EU more than they should. There is literally a mall for the people who work in the EU. If someone loses a comercial job outside of the EU they'll go to the EU and they'll become "an elite". And then their prices go up because the public have to buy things from this crappy company who's prices are higher than the quality of their products. It's not fair.
And don't get me started on the regulations. I found out that there are around 454 regulations for towels you wanna know how stupid that is. I actully can't say what word I should use to describe it but it starts with an R and its in one the the black eyed peas most famous party songs. You know what makes it even more dumb. There are around 36 regulations for radiators. Radiators. 36 for radiators and 454 for towels. How did they make it like that. It's stupid. Just plain dumb. Now britain is leaving because they want freedom to trade with whatever countries they want and I dont disagree.
The European Union doesn't seem to be doing much to help Europes Economy and It'd be better if it didn't exist.

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

A great time at the Hunterian.

The Hunterian is a museum in Glasgow University. A university I want to go to when I grow up. When we walked in there was a model of the area around Glasgow University and a stone slab people had put into a fancy and elaborately decorated chair.
The Hunterian was full of very interesting things like body parts in jars, some diseased and some preserved in top notch health conditions. It also had stuffed siamese twin animals. I saw a deer head with giant antlers I think it might have been a prehistoric ancestor maybe, or a deer with some sort of condition that made it really big. It also had some ancient roman artifacts such as peices of stone carved with latin enscriptions, roman pillars, roman jewlerry and roman tools, it was all very cool since I really like ancient civilizations. There was a section with minerals as well as artifacts from around the world. It was a truly interesting exhibit. They even had some Maori figures and Taonga. Once we had finished that exibit we went up the stairs and then we saw the works of a man who was influential in modern medicine I cant remember his name but if you visit the hunterian its up the stairs to the left of the second part of the place.  I looked at inventions by Lord Kelvin and if i remember correctly i noted down something about a tetrakaihedron which is like a way to equally store cells I'm pretty sure but forgive me if i'm wrong. Actually google it and then comment down below what it is, if i'm right comment that too. Once we had finished the exhibits we went to see the cloisters which where rapped with little lights and it was magical.
I hope you have a wonderful day and I miss everyone down in New Zealand.

Monday, 23 December 2019

Meeting Fearne and going to the Rugby

On saturday I got to meet my little cousin Fearne (pronounced Fern).  She is adorable. When she first came into the house she cried a bit because she was sleeping in the car. But auntie hazel gave her a hug and it was all good. When she was passed over to Uncle Colin she was calm. Then I had an idea I'd give her my Teddy (yup I'm a teenager and I still have a Teddy you can never be too old to have a teddy) and she loved it. "Bamse" She said Auntie hazel explained that Bamse is the Danish word for Teddy. She's a gorgeous baby. Then Later on in the evening/afternoon I went with my gran to see the Rugby we were watching the Glasgow Warriors Verse Edinburgh to make a Long story short the Glasgow warriors won. (OOHHHH YEAAAAHHH!!!!!!)
I learned something new about scotland during the game. There is nothing like an angry scotsman at a rugby game with a ref they don't like. But it was really fun and I got a cap that i get to bring home.

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Where exactly am I?

You all know I'm in Scotland. But where exactly am I?
Allers Farm Kennels LTD! In East Kilbride on the Outskirts of High Blantyre. It's My Granpa's Business. He takes in Cats and Dogs looks after them for a while and makes sure their as good as when they came in when they go back to there owners. Theres a well and Beautiful countryside. It's winter so the trees have no leaves and it makes the woods look like something out of a fantas movie. The countryside is beautiful with vast green fields and Magnificently vast Lochs (Lakes). Scotland is probably one of the most Beautiful countries in the world.
The Business has one Cattery and two Kennels so their is a lot of barking in the morning. it truly is such a beautiful place.
Image result for scottish sausageIt's amazing how the community differs from ours back in Auckland. There's a fishman who comes over every friday to sell fish and we go to the bakery to get bread! Nowadays we go to a fish shop and we only get things like pastries and cakes and kebabs at the dairy. The breakfast sausages are rectangular and if you go outside in the winter for like a few minutes you fingers already start to turn pink whereas my fingers aren't like that in New Zealand winter. The houses walls and licence plates are different too! Everything is so different. But not so different as to give me culture shock. There is a castle right outside of blantyre and oh the trees! There are so, many, Trees In Glasgow they have a big crane that I cant remember the name of and everything is woderful here.
I got really passionate there. But seriously Scotland is a wonderful place. Come visit it sometime.
Have a happy holiday.