Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Cross country

Slam went the clapper and we sprinted off, I ran as fast as I could. It was the A Cross Country on Monday the 7 of September, I ran a lot faster and I started to speed up. The mud was squelching in my toes.

I started to get a little nervous as we went through the gate,Jordan was at the gate saying "run come on run." . I started up a steady jog then I started panting. A burst of speed flew right into me, I ran and ran and ran.

I could see the finish line I sped up a little more then I got closer to the playground. I started to hear some cheering I went over the bark and yes I was going to be 13th. I started up a sprint for the finish, and zoom, yaaaay.

I could see the water table and I ran faster. I had to have a drink. The drinks were given out by Mrs Clark I wanted to take 2 but I could only take 1.


I felt proud of myself because it was the best cross country ever for me. My muscles were aching. I normally come 2 or 3 to last and I came 13 yay. I like cross country.

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