Wednesday, 26 April 2017

I finished The two Books Of Miss peregrines Children One Ages Ago One Just the Day Before Yesterday.

26 Apr 2017 08:44:19.jpg
During the holiday from home in Bulls finished another book can you believe that this book i have read is Called Hollow city and it is the second novel from Ransom Riggs. Jacob Portman who is a peculiar child (because he can see and sense hollows which are evil things) has gone to England to find an Ymbryne who can help who they think is Miss Peregrine but find out that the peregrine is really her brother Caul who can turn into a peregrine like Miss Peregrine. But you have to read both the books to understand this book.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Me and Amelia's Favourite Foods

I made this presentation and shared it with Amelia and we did the work together we wanted to show how we love these different foods and suggested them to everyone if they haven't had them i suggest that you should try them because they are the best foods for me and Amelia. I hope you enjoy.

Oh and By the way here is the link to AMELIA'S BLOG

Saturday, 22 April 2017

I have Finished

22 Apr 2017 14:23:04.jpg

I have finished the book winter now and I am reading a new one I have really liked this book and it is one of my favourites in the lunar chronicles. I recommend to read all the books in the lunar chronicles.

PS: I have done that face so you can laugh because laughing is so lovely

At The Beach

What’s your favourite thing to do at the beach? I like to swim, I also like to dig holes in the soggy part of the beach. Do you like to swim.

Today I went to the beach with my Step Aunty and Step mum and Dad my cousins came as well they are so cute. One is Called Elise she is the oldest and the younger one Is Ayla. we went to the beach and got our clothes all wet and sandy. I went into the water and my objective was to have nothing above the water. But i had to keep my head above the water so I could breath.

Serj the dog Aunty Becca (Step Aunt) owns loves to play fetch so we got a stick and threw it to him. We threw it in the water in the sand and he could not stop running. Roman and Kauri did races and Justice made his little island out of sticks and wet sand. It was very stable.

In the end we went back home Justice went in Aunty Becca’s car and Elise stayed in our car. Before we went in the cars though I gave Elise a piggy back ride with the jacket on top and Justice held Ayla in the baby strap thingy.

Monday, 17 April 2017

My Favourite line in Winter (My Book)

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My Favourite line in Winter would have to be when Scarlet thinks: She was a Beautiful as a bouquet of flowers and crazy, as crazy as a headless chicken. I really like this line because it is super funny and it is also true Winter is beautiful and she is crazy.