Saturday, 28 September 2019

First day of Hoidays!!

Hello My chirren!
It's the First day of the Holidays. And what better way to start the Holidays then by going to the pools an repeatedly switching between the cold and hot pools. That was probably the most eventful thing that happened all day.

...Here's a meme to brighten your Day

This is how I feel when the holidays come over.

Friday, 20 September 2019

How to be a good son/daughter?

Walt: Write engaging introductions

Are you a good son or daughter? Some kids aren’t sure. This essay will give you some helpful tips on how to be a good son or daughter.

Listen. One thing parents hate is when their kid doesn’t listen to them, and that doesn’t just mean hearing. Listening is when you look at your parents when they talk and actually process what they’re saying. Then once you’ve processed what they’ve said actually go and do it.

Help around. Parents love it when they’re kids are helpful around the house. Especially when you do it without being asked. Try little things, like washing the dishes or even just bringing in the groceries and it’ll make things a lot easier for your parents. Helping around truly has its advantages.

Be thankful. Your parents do a lot for you. They feed you, clothe you, put a roof over your heads. That’s just a tiny portion of how much love your parents put into you. So say thank you and show it through your actions. Maybe even give your parents a massage when they come home from work, or give them breakfast in bed in the morning. Your parents want to feel loved and appreciated too.

I’m sure these three tips will definitely make your parents happier with you. Your actions reflect your thoughts. When your parents will see that your thinking about them and how they feel, they’ll be extremely happy with you.

Task Description: For this task I made a new doc in my writing folder. Before actually writing I brainstormed ideas for the body paragraphs. Once I finished writing my essay I posted it onto my blog with a Walt, a Task Description, a Title, and Labels.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Labeling the organelles.

This week we have been looking closer at cells. We looked at animal cells and had to identify the organelles inside of them. Organelles are to plants what the organs are to our bodies. Check out my slides to learn more.

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Should we have school uniforms?

School uniforms are something in almost every primary and secondary school in New Zealand. This has become a strong source of debate. Uniforms are the better choice because they let kids kick their financial background out of the door, gives students a better grasp on smart clothing choices, and keeps kids free from peer pressure.

Uniforms bring people of all different financial backgrounds into one group. The “rich kids” are bound to have expensive clothes, the “poor kids” are bound to have things like hand-me-downs, op shop clothes and other things. If you have a uniform the kids are all wearing the same thing and they can’t tell which is which. It puts the students on an even pedestal and no one is better than the other. This is what we want in modern society and if schools do this it brings the same attitude outside of school.

Uniforms are really smart looking. They make children seem like they know how to dress in a professional sense. This prepares them for the future. Especially if they want to take on professional jobs in the future. It gives students a glimpse into what they should look like so they do not humiliate themselves. We don’t want to humiliate our kids do we?

Uniforms also shield kids from peer pressure. Some kid could’ve just gotten the latest gucci hoodie and then everyone gets one, then there’s the kids who can’t afford a gucci hoodie and they feel left out. Peer pressure is a pretty common thing and students can get really depressed because of it. Uniforms prevent this, because they are all the same.

To conclude uniforms are the best form of clothing for schools. They provide an air of professionalism and make the students feel equal. Sure they may be expensive and a little bit uncomfortable at times but it is worth it. All schools should have uniforms because they make the schools a better place.

Friday, 6 September 2019


Walt: Justify our maths thinking.

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Animal testing

Walt: Use correct paragraph structure
What is animal testing? Animal testing is the act of taking animals and using them to test things that may or may not affect humans. Typically this is carried out to find cures for diseases or product testing. The opinions on animal testing vary from person to person. However, animal testing is still something we do to this day. And it needs to stop.

The animals that scientists typically use vary from species to species. It is often lab-grown mice, however, cats, dogs, hamsters, farm animals, guinea pigs, and even nonhuman primates (Gorillas, monkey, etc) are also used. Primates. They test on our cousins. The cousins we work so hard to keep alive. How would they feel?

Some animal testing is even pointless. People are just doing the same tests again and again. All to gain money. Money that they already have lots of . They test over and over again because of competition and money, they want to find their own results instead of using those found by a different company. They slowly make progress repeating a test over and over again without any results and then move on to the next test, repeating this slow agonising process.

We also test make up products on animals. A lot of new makeup products with new ingredients get tested on animals like bunnies or guinea pigs. They make new dangerous products when they already have lots of other safe makeup products. They don't need all these new products when we already have so many and we should instead reuse the ingredients that have already been proven safe.

Animal testing is inhumane. People may see it as a way to solve problems but in reality, we just add more problems. Try to minimize the encouragement of animal testing. Use animal testing free products and trust more reliable labels. Let’s make this world animal cruelty free.

Task Description: For this task I made a new doc and put it into my writing folder. I wrote my five paragraph essay and then, checked for spelling and grammar mistakes. I posted it onto my blog with a Walt, Task Description, Labels, and a Title.