Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Visual mihi

This is my visual mihi. It shows me in the middle and the four things I like around my portrait.
I'll start from the top left. As you can see it is a wolf howling to a full moon this represents my love of wolves and the moon. I have managed to show two of my fascinations using the Wolf howling at the moon.
The top right shows my love of reading and it shows some of my most favourite books. It shows The school for good and evil book 1 to 4, The blue books are the lunar chronicles The book that has white and blue is The diary of a young girl by Anne Frank,  and the grey books are the miss peregrines peculiar children trilogy.
The bottom left shows my favourite sports tennis and Netball.
The bottom right shows my favourite TV show "The Dragon Prince" I also like "She-ra the princesses of power" and "Voltron Legendary Defender".
Thats my Visual Mihi I hoped you enjoyed it.

Games and Learning

Image result for overcooked gourmetImage result for league of legendsThis is a blogpost about games. My favourite games (digital and non-digital) are: Monopoly Overcooked Cluedo 2048 Uno The reason/s why I enjoy playing these games are: They are very fun Most of them include other people One of them involves eye exercises and brain teasing Monopoly Helps you in real life with housing and money managing. Uno is a fun game that never ends some times. Learning could be made much more fun and interesting if it included these elements of a game: Adventure, Make it an exciting journey where you have to solve riddles or maths problems Magic, make it so that for every problem you solve you earn a magic spell Brain exercises, think of different ways to solve the problem Team Building, make it like league of legends work as a team to solve problems like DMIC.
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Saturday, 23 February 2019

Maths Problem solving Week 3

Beginning of the Tournament

The story "Beginning of the Tournament" is a story by Witi Ihimaera. It starts out with Witi's father calling Witi and telling Witi that he needs to be at Waituhi to play in a hockey tournament. Witi gets his friend Jerry to come over and join in on the game. They have a parade and some judges judge the uniforms which the girls take more seriously than the actual hockey. Once the hockey starts they start to play but its not really hockey just shooting the ball into the goal without any rules at all. Once the game finishes Witi's father has a talk with his son.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Drink it dry, Fold it flat, Send it back

This is the korero of week 3. I've decided that everyweek i'll post the korero onto my blog so that readers of my blog can remind themselves of the korero and maybe readers of my blog who don't know the korero can learn what the korero themselves.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Some of my favourite jokes

Warning some of these jokes maybe very very very corny so please forgive me.

Why did the thief take a bath? ... To make a clean getaway. Wakka wakka wakka.

A man walked into a bar and said ow.

Why did the chicken cross the road? ... To show the possums how its done.


Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Compare and Contrast

Walt: compare and contrast the treaty of waitangi and the point england way

Task description: For this task my partner Jahzara shared the presentation with me. Jahzara and I filled in the boxes and then put pictures on another slide. I posted it onto my blog With a high standard.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Tamaki College Tech cooking review and reflect

Today the year eights went to tamaki college to do tech and we had to make hotcakes A.K.A pancakes with chocolate chips. I was partnered up with Paikea and we were very good at making the pancakes. We started out with gold pancakes and as we ran out of butter our pancakes got darker. I think for next time I will have more butter on the pan.