Thursday, 30 June 2016

Family Of Facts 7 Presentation.

Walt: Find the family in multiplication and division.

Task Description: For this task I made a copy of this presentation from on the class site. I made a copy of it and then put it in my maths folder in my Google Drive. I read the numbers in the triangles and sorted them into different equations of multiplication and division. When I was finished in posted it on my blog using the embed. I published it on my blog with a complete Walt, Task Description, lables and a Title.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My Cat Masport

I love my cat her name is Masport. You may think that it is funny that she is named after a lawn mower company but it is really true. She has beautiful green eyes and lovely tabby cat grey fur she makes a big fuss about food and is CRAZY. She asks for food and she already has it but she is still nice. she likes being warm and loves to sit on my parents knees. She hates the dog and being stroked on her back but it is OK on her head. When ever we are cooking she always climbs up for food. She Hates strangers but Loves me and my bed.


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Adventures of Supergirl

Walt: Post my Movie on my blog with a high standard and a complete walt and task description.

Bethan Superhero from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Task Description: For this task I looked at a example and then did an animation with a problem, hero and setting. My character was Supergirl and my problem was giant robot alien attacking the earth i made the setting the suburbs. I made my animation put it on vimeo and posted it on my blog with a complete task description and walt

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Setting Descriptions

Walt: write a setting description.

Task Description: For this task I made a copy of a presentation on the class site. The settings on the site are not made up by me and I do not know what they are like. so I hope you like it.

Monday, 20 June 2016


Walt: summarise stories and information.

Task Description: For this task I made a copy of a post card that my teacher made for us. I chose a person to write to and chose Makayla. I put a stamp on the post card and it was a tiger one. If you read this and liked it go and visit Makayla's blog.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Walt: write a character description

Task description: For this task I made a copy of a presentation on the class site. the monsters on the site are not made up by me and I do not know what they are like. so I hope you like it.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Narative Writing.

 Her fists tight, her heart pounding she new she was in grave danger. The princess of the Ngapuhi tribe, she knew she was doing what her father did not want her to do but it was for her people. The invaders were coming to New Zealand. But she did not know they had a surprise for them. Keriana was the princess of the Ngapuhi tribe and had disobeyed her father’s orders by leading the defence for her people. She had a think about it at the blue brook of Ngapuhi and decided to do it for her people.

They went out to the beach called Ukutoia. She was scared but there was no sight of the odd waka and Keriana wondered how her father knew about it. She saw a messenger and he said handing her a scroll “the invaders are coming soon, this is for your mother.” Worried she said “you take it to her". "Your mother and the rest of the tribe are in the shelters.” She sounded brave but she was really scared.

They waited for them to arrive. Out of the large waka came a strange pale faced man with an evil look on his face. Suddenly a large group of men jumped out of the waka and began to attack their tribe with their guns. Keriana had never seen these people or their guns before. The leader of the enemy gave an order to fire. Keriana had a feeling this would be the end of her.

“Retreat!” shouted Keriana as there were only about fifty people left. Her lovely brown face turned bright red she had been told to do this for her father and she did not want to fail. She went to her great grandmother Meriana she asked for he help. She smiled “child you have no defence against these invaders the only way is befriending.” She said. Keriana was so scared she forgot to breath she could not befriend. Then it struck her she just had aggressive men she needed… women the perfect solution.

She went to the shelters told her mother and she agreed. She stood in the assembly area and spoke “ women of ngapuhi I know that you are scared you must be brave all you think you are is just weak and defenseless but you are much more. What I see are beautiful warriors ready to show off what beauty you have. Are you ready.” With Brave looks on their faces they nodded. She assembled the women. Keriana said “my mother is going to stay, I do not want her dead.”

The women went on to the beach and started to sing and dance there Kapa Haka and even did a Powhiri. The invaders looked confused, but also the ladies we're very pretty. Captain Cook liked Keriana the most who had the full dress and even the tattoos. They followed them to the marae. Where there we're men they looked like kind nice men. They we're even more confused then they disappeared a little girl and boy came out of nowhere they started dancing and then the rest of the group came out to their surprise they had 2 year olds doing it too the next performance was a join in which was when they joined in doing it. They sang and danced through the night until Captain Cook said “ I will declare this land free”. For all that happened Keriana had met a man and fell in love she is now a chiefess

Friday, 10 June 2016

Avengers Assemble Story

Walt: Retell a story using 2 different stories.
Crash! Bang! KA POW! The avengers are fighting Ultron, Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver. There seem to be a whole load of robots they can’t do this without the hulk… wait a minute he is there. Quick silver makes a dash for Thor’s hammer and ooh that would definitely bruise. Thor just made a bang in the head move I have a feeling that might have made a lump. Hawk eye just shot an electrifying arrow aiming for Scarlet Witch in the forid. Black widow kicks quick silver in the back she makes a run for one of the robots.

For revenge Scarlet Witch casts a spell on the avengers making them turn on each other. They start to fight each other but what is happening half of them are going to other marvel characters. They go of fighting each other and make a really big hero mess. Psylocke sees the crime and is the only one that cannot get hurt. She must do something about it.

Psylocke tries to talk it out but they do not want to talk they fight. Meanwhile Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver have got what they we're promised Ultron gave them what they wanted. Psylocke fights a little bit and finally the spell wears off. The heroes are back to normal now and they are going to do something about what happened.

Task Description: For this task I got a template from the class and made a copy. I had to do writing using 2 different stories: Captain Civil War, and, Avengers age of Ultron. I had to plan it on a planing template.My main character was Psylocke and main Villain was scarlet witch.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

mr goodwins car

Walt: Write with others.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 at 09.51.00.png Zoom Zoom I see a red blur passing me It’s long, then when it stops I see a long red limousine. I wonder who it belongs to, and why it would be at this school, the door opens and guess who’s in it…. Mr Goodwin. I think i’m dreaming I punch myself in the head and… NO it's not a dream. Wow Mr goodwin must be rich. He invites me in his car and guess what, it has a coffee machine and a hot chocolate machine as well. I always thought that these never existed before. Mr Goodwin must be sooo rich. I thought there would be a taco stand and then guess what, there is. I think i’m dreaming I punch myself in the head and… NO it's not a dream. Find out how he got this car, you never will.

Once upon a time there was a red limousine. I had awful crazy things happening in my head that made me punch my head and that also made me fall down. So then I got up and asked that person If I would be able to buy that car. He said “no it is not for sale” the owner looked familiar and I realised he was Mr Goodwin. As I went in his car I saw a coffee machine and a Hot Chocolate machine I was surprised and Mr Goodwin told me if you want anything help yourself I drank Hot Chocolate the whole time and his machine was never empty. His machine was very cool because he said “you could help yourself.” I screamed. That was the best thing ever.  I love Mr Goodwin's car.

Task Description: For this task I wrote a story of what I thought what Mr Goodwins new car is like. when i finished i did some writing with my friends