Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Narative Writing.

 Her fists tight, her heart pounding she new she was in grave danger. The princess of the Ngapuhi tribe, she knew she was doing what her father did not want her to do but it was for her people. The invaders were coming to New Zealand. But she did not know they had a surprise for them. Keriana was the princess of the Ngapuhi tribe and had disobeyed her father’s orders by leading the defence for her people. She had a think about it at the blue brook of Ngapuhi and decided to do it for her people.

They went out to the beach called Ukutoia. She was scared but there was no sight of the odd waka and Keriana wondered how her father knew about it. She saw a messenger and he said handing her a scroll “the invaders are coming soon, this is for your mother.” Worried she said “you take it to her". "Your mother and the rest of the tribe are in the shelters.” She sounded brave but she was really scared.

They waited for them to arrive. Out of the large waka came a strange pale faced man with an evil look on his face. Suddenly a large group of men jumped out of the waka and began to attack their tribe with their guns. Keriana had never seen these people or their guns before. The leader of the enemy gave an order to fire. Keriana had a feeling this would be the end of her.

“Retreat!” shouted Keriana as there were only about fifty people left. Her lovely brown face turned bright red she had been told to do this for her father and she did not want to fail. She went to her great grandmother Meriana she asked for he help. She smiled “child you have no defence against these invaders the only way is befriending.” She said. Keriana was so scared she forgot to breath she could not befriend. Then it struck her she just had aggressive men she needed… women the perfect solution.

She went to the shelters told her mother and she agreed. She stood in the assembly area and spoke “ women of ngapuhi I know that you are scared you must be brave all you think you are is just weak and defenseless but you are much more. What I see are beautiful warriors ready to show off what beauty you have. Are you ready.” With Brave looks on their faces they nodded. She assembled the women. Keriana said “my mother is going to stay, I do not want her dead.”

The women went on to the beach and started to sing and dance there Kapa Haka and even did a Powhiri. The invaders looked confused, but also the ladies we're very pretty. Captain Cook liked Keriana the most who had the full dress and even the tattoos. They followed them to the marae. Where there we're men they looked like kind nice men. They we're even more confused then they disappeared a little girl and boy came out of nowhere they started dancing and then the rest of the group came out to their surprise they had 2 year olds doing it too the next performance was a join in which was when they joined in doing it. They sang and danced through the night until Captain Cook said “ I will declare this land free”. For all that happened Keriana had met a man and fell in love she is now a chiefess

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  1. Hi Bethan

    I really enjoyed reading your narrative. However I think you need to keep working on editing the last paragraph so that it fits in with the rest of the story. Good work on your artwork by the way. I can't wait to see it at the art exhibition.