Thursday, 9 June 2016

mr goodwins car

Walt: Write with others.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 at 09.51.00.png Zoom Zoom I see a red blur passing me It’s long, then when it stops I see a long red limousine. I wonder who it belongs to, and why it would be at this school, the door opens and guess who’s in it…. Mr Goodwin. I think i’m dreaming I punch myself in the head and… NO it's not a dream. Wow Mr goodwin must be rich. He invites me in his car and guess what, it has a coffee machine and a hot chocolate machine as well. I always thought that these never existed before. Mr Goodwin must be sooo rich. I thought there would be a taco stand and then guess what, there is. I think i’m dreaming I punch myself in the head and… NO it's not a dream. Find out how he got this car, you never will.

Once upon a time there was a red limousine. I had awful crazy things happening in my head that made me punch my head and that also made me fall down. So then I got up and asked that person If I would be able to buy that car. He said “no it is not for sale” the owner looked familiar and I realised he was Mr Goodwin. As I went in his car I saw a coffee machine and a Hot Chocolate machine I was surprised and Mr Goodwin told me if you want anything help yourself I drank Hot Chocolate the whole time and his machine was never empty. His machine was very cool because he said “you could help yourself.” I screamed. That was the best thing ever.  I love Mr Goodwin's car.

Task Description: For this task I wrote a story of what I thought what Mr Goodwins new car is like. when i finished i did some writing with my friends

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