Wednesday, 26 April 2017

I finished The two Books Of Miss peregrines Children One Ages Ago One Just the Day Before Yesterday.

26 Apr 2017 08:44:19.jpg
During the holiday from home in Bulls finished another book can you believe that this book i have read is Called Hollow city and it is the second novel from Ransom Riggs. Jacob Portman who is a peculiar child (because he can see and sense hollows which are evil things) has gone to England to find an Ymbryne who can help who they think is Miss Peregrine but find out that the peregrine is really her brother Caul who can turn into a peregrine like Miss Peregrine. But you have to read both the books to understand this book.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Me and Amelia's Favourite Foods

I made this presentation and shared it with Amelia and we did the work together we wanted to show how we love these different foods and suggested them to everyone if they haven't had them i suggest that you should try them because they are the best foods for me and Amelia. I hope you enjoy.

Oh and By the way here is the link to AMELIA'S BLOG

Saturday, 22 April 2017

I have Finished

22 Apr 2017 14:23:04.jpg

I have finished the book winter now and I am reading a new one I have really liked this book and it is one of my favourites in the lunar chronicles. I recommend to read all the books in the lunar chronicles.

PS: I have done that face so you can laugh because laughing is so lovely

At The Beach

What’s your favourite thing to do at the beach? I like to swim, I also like to dig holes in the soggy part of the beach. Do you like to swim.

Today I went to the beach with my Step Aunty and Step mum and Dad my cousins came as well they are so cute. One is Called Elise she is the oldest and the younger one Is Ayla. we went to the beach and got our clothes all wet and sandy. I went into the water and my objective was to have nothing above the water. But i had to keep my head above the water so I could breath.

Serj the dog Aunty Becca (Step Aunt) owns loves to play fetch so we got a stick and threw it to him. We threw it in the water in the sand and he could not stop running. Roman and Kauri did races and Justice made his little island out of sticks and wet sand. It was very stable.

In the end we went back home Justice went in Aunty Becca’s car and Elise stayed in our car. Before we went in the cars though I gave Elise a piggy back ride with the jacket on top and Justice held Ayla in the baby strap thingy.

Monday, 17 April 2017

My Favourite line in Winter (My Book)

Image result for winter the lunar chronicles
My Favourite line in Winter would have to be when Scarlet thinks: She was a Beautiful as a bouquet of flowers and crazy, as crazy as a headless chicken. I really like this line because it is super funny and it is also true Winter is beautiful and she is crazy.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

My Quote

Hana Is a Drum Pro

Easter egg Eye

15 Apr 2017 14:46:11.jpg

I got a Easter egg and turned it into my eye i think i like a chocolate Eye it is fun and cool. I love easter hunts especially with my brothers at a friends house. It is so fun at Rihare and Hana’s house.

Pt England School Padlet!

Guess That Facial Expression

My Dog Stone

15 Apr 2017 09:56:01.jpg

This is Stone
He loves bones
He is a labrador and he is black
We love him and he loves us back
If we take him for a walk he tugs and pulls
He’s our dog and he is really cool

Doing the laundry

Walt: give my parents a break and do some work

Task Description: For this Task I made a new presentation in my holiday blogging folder. I put in what I did when I was doing the laundry and made a theme for my work. I put it on blog with a Walt, a Title, a Task Description, and labels.

Friday, 14 April 2017

TV Zombies

Books Poem

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Walt: Express Your Hobby Through Poetic Writing

Books Books so many Books
When I read them I don't care about looks
Turn a page read the words
You are in other worlds
Chronicles and Series
Ancient scrolls and Mysteries
Books Books so many Books
Rose, Book, Old Book, Blossom, Bloom, Rosenblatt, Used
Read a word don't care about looks

Task Description: I decided to express my love of books through making a poem I love books so Much that I cant keep my eyes away from them. Sometimes I wonder if I should be a novelist or a librarian.

Anzac day

Image result for anzac dayThey Shall Not Grow Old
As We That Are Left Grow Old
Age Shall Not Weary Them
Nor The Years Condemn
At The Going Down Of the Sun
And In The Morning
We Will Remember Them

This poem always makes me feel like crying because I have always known that they did it for us and they deserve to be loved by all especially those that fell. We Will Remember Them.

Image Attribution:

My Favourite Books

Task Description: Last year I looked at Amelia's blog and i saw she had a presentation on her favourite books so i thought well maybe I could do that because it is a really good way to show how you can find good books. I put in my information and then posted it on my blog at a high standard.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Goodbye Fans

13 Apr 2017 10:46:26.jpgFans I want to tell you that my favourite part of the year would have to be going down to the creek and filming for the movie I made about the Eel Emma and the Duck Diana. I will be doing some holiday blogging. I really like having 3 classrooms. I really like having the funny Mr Goodwin and the Fabulous Mrs Stickland as my teachers too. In term 2 I am going to be doing a competition called Imagine from Barfoot & Thompson. I will be happy when you read my blog posts and comment so please leave a comment.


Walt: Synthesise information from across multiple texts.

We have been trying to understand that plants play a big part in the ecosystem of an estuary. The plants eat the sunlight and then the mud snails, marine worms and crabs eat the plants. The shellfish and young fish eat the mud snails, crabs, and the marine worms. The older fish and the birds eat the smaller predators. Then the humans eat the older fish. Plants play an important role in an ecosystem so let’s keep them safe.


Task Description: For this task I made a new Doc in my writing folder (even Though this is reading work) and posted what my script said. I added a picture and then attributed it. I posted it on my Blog with a Title, a Walt , a Task Description, and Labels.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Paideia Seminar - 'Pollution'

Last week the Extension group had a seminar. The teachers were going to make sure that they did not do any talking and all the children had to talk. We had a lot of fun that day.  When we made a statement we got to have a lolly from the lolly plate in front of us. It was very interesting sharing our ideas from our research.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

The MIT.

On Friday the 7th of march the ambassadors went to the MIT and we presented in a room with lots of pretty ladies. There were 16  ladies and they were very nice. at he end we got to have some water and lollies from the goody bags they gave us. In the bag there was sherbet wrapped in licorice. There were two Fredos and one lollipop. there was also a big container with lots of Mini M'n'Ms. I really like being an ambassador.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Cricket Snack

Walt: Write a Narrative using interesting Vocab
Have you ever eaten real dead crickets before? Because we ate some at school, I think Mrs Stickland might have gone crazy. Today was not a normal Thursday. Today was a day I would never forget the taste of the healthy protein snack.
When i saw other people eating crickets I felt like they we're ok at first, and then the faces came. I saw Daisy could not even have some for 3 seconds. Naomi had watering eyes and Chastyti did not even want to eat it. My turn came and I had eaten the cricket and then I felt all revolting.
From now on I will never look at a cricket the same way. They’re disgusting. I hate to think that people eat bugs can you imagine everyone eating bugs. It Is never going to happen again i think crickets are bird food.
Task Description; For this task I made a copy of a presentation and put it in my writing folder. I did the experience before and yes they were real crickets. I posted it on my blog to a high standard with a Walt a task description and labels, and a title.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Emma the Eel and Diana the Duck

Task Description:

For this task we were all put into groups. The following groups were: the people who were looking at the perspective of the animals, the people who were looking through the eyes of children, the people who were looking through the eyes of the caregivers and there were the people who were looking through the eyes of the conservationists.

We were given an assignment to make a D.L.O (a digital learning object). Through the process of making this I learnt that the more we affect the waterways we affect ourselves. Health conditions that may result from drinking water laced with chemicals or toxic waste include organ failure, physical deformities and even death. That is why we must keep our waterways clean, both for us know but others in the future.

My Food Web

Walt: make connections across multiple texts.

Task Description: We were learning to understand a ecosystem and how a food web relates to the ecosystem. we were learning that if a ecosystem had no balance it would eventually fall apart.  The ecosystem is a very good way of keeping life balanced. they say that the earth is a very large ecosystem.

We had to understand the similarities and the differences in an ecosystem and we knew that every ecosystem has a food web. We decided to make our own ecosystems with our bugs and different things as well as just animals you have to involve plants as well. The food web shows us that the food chain only shows one example and one animal so their might be a chameleon and the chameleon eats the insect, but the spider also eats the insect do you understand what i mean.