Saturday, 15 April 2017

Doing the laundry

Walt: give my parents a break and do some work

Task Description: For this Task I made a new presentation in my holiday blogging folder. I put in what I did when I was doing the laundry and made a theme for my work. I put it on blog with a Walt, a Title, a Task Description, and labels.


  1. Hi Bethan

    This is amazing.Good girl arfor doing the Laundry and I love your Walt.You are very kind and helpful.Keep up the amazing work,Keep posting.


  2. This was an awesome wake up surprise for me. I hope you liked your wake up surprise from me (bacon and eggs) :)
    Mumma Jay

  3. Wow what a nice thing to do for your family Bethan! I really like the theme you have chosen for your presentation, well done! What other chores do you do around the house for your parents?