Saturday, 26 December 2015

Yay Christmas

Yay Christmas

Yay it was Christmas Yesterday, fun, fun, fun. We had a delicious turducken and delicious ham.We also got to have some yummy gingerbread house.

26 Dec 2015 09:28:38.jpg“present time” the adults called. Justice handed out the presents to all of the little kids.I got a cool toy horse and cool butterfly stickers. Roman got a cool Disney infinity game for the Xbox One. Justice got this really cool remote control robot droid from star wars the force awakens. Kauri got this really cool T - shirt.

I think that this christmas was one of the best Christmas i've ever had. Cant wait till next year.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Work, Work, Work

       Work, Work, Work
By Bethan Reardon. Sunday the 20th of December

Today we are working so that its ship shape for Christmas. Hard work is what we are doing, we have to break the bamboo make the barbeque area tidy, and tidy our rooms.But it has a delicious reward, chips, yummy yummy chips.

We had lunch and the 2 big kids, me and Justice had to make it and then guess what, we had to clear and wipe the table and empty and load the dishwasher. We had one of the worst jobs ever, cleaning up the dog poo. But it was worth doing, it’s been there for ages.

The jobs we have been doing are pretty tough but Dad and Jayne’s one is way tougher the ones where doing. They have to dig and replant the garden at the front yard. We all want to make our house be da boss!

I think today is going to be a long day. But it’s worth doing for chippies! I'm going to have a big sleep in tomorrow.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Deadlysaurus Movie

Bethan Made up dinosaur from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

Here is a movie of my made up dinosaur. It  is very special. sit back relax and enjoy Deadlysaurus

Monday, 7 December 2015


Bethan Pteranodon from Team 3 PES on Vimeo.

For term 4 we are learning about dinosaurs i have chosen pteranodon.

Saturday, 5 December 2015



Deadlysaurus lived in the late Cretaceous period it was one of the most successful dinosaur’s. It got it’s name by horrible bacteria on its teeth and could kill any plant or dinosaur in one bite. Even if a dinosaur didn't die it would still get weaker and weaker and then it could just eat it.


For defence the Deadlysaurus had amazing weapons, it had a club and spikes. These were used to kill its prey and defend itself from bigger predators. Its main predator was the Spinosaurus and sometimes failed to survive the attacks.


When a female lays eggs she lays about 200 per nest. It’s nest is well protected because Deadlysaurus mate for life. The father gets food while the mother stays and protects the eggs. Even though about 100 survive the Deadlysaurus is really common. When hatched it was about 50 centimetres so the parents mainly look after them until about 10 years when they are 2 1/2 metres.


Deadlysaurus lived in jungles because that was where all the animals and most of the plants lived. It lived in caves made out of mud or loose stones and saliva. For the stone cave it would have loose stones and would put saliva all over it and stick others on. For the mud cave it would just get wet mud and pile it up and wait for it to dry. They would sometimes live in gigantic burrows under the ground like Cynodont, it’s ancestor.


I think that the Deadlysaurus was a very successful Dinosaur because paleontologists have found several full fossils and 200 incomplete fossilized skeleton remains.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tyrannosaurus - Rex

TYRANNOSAURUS - REX (Ti-ran-o-saw-rus-rex) Tyrannosaurus - Rex was one of the most largest and famous of the carnivore dinosaurs. T - Rex was a very dangerous dinosaur. It liked to live in hot places and forests. It lived 85 million years ago, the late Cretaceous.

What is A T - Rex like
Tyrannosaurus - Rex was probably aggressive and caring. Could you imagine a giant T - Rex when it was a baby, less than a metre. When it was a baby danger lurked everywhere.

What was T - Rex attitude
Tyrannosaurus - Rex was a vicious predator that would do anything to get some food. He would even take on another male to get some food. He was a lizard with attitude.

How did it find its prey
Tyrannosaurus - Rex found its prey by smelling it. Tyrannosaurus - Rex had the best sense of smell of any extinct or living animal on earth. Imagine a Tyrannosaurus - Rex going into a room filled with animals, it could smell every single one and even tell what they were. Tyrannosaurus - Rex’s nose was 14 inches apart from each other.


I think that the Tyrannosaurus - Rex was a very powerful dinosaur. He was a great carnivore And very vicious predator. I think he is impressive.  

Museum trip

Last week on Friday we went to the Auckland Museum. We went there to learn about dinosaurs. We sang songs on the way in the bus I think the driver must have got a headache. I was in Amelia’s mum’s group. Amelia is one of my friends.

My favourite part was when we got to hold and smell Triceratops coprolite, a.k.a poo in the dinosaur class but don't worry it was fossilised. I also liked the 3d Goggles, they had a movie inside them. My third favourite part was when Amelia fell of the stairs when she was counting how many warriors could fit in the waka.

After lunch we did some rolly polly’s down the hill in clean rubbish bags. I said, “i’m dizzy”. We also got to chew on some lollies for being good. We had some water before we got in the bus and had some relaxation.

I like the museum, I haven’t been there in ages. All I remember from last time was the tree house and the stuffed elephant. I really liked holding special bones that only we could hold.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Atheletics day

On Friday the whole school had athletics day on the field. Athletics day is a day when we all do activities that athletes do. Some of them are: Shot Put,Sprints,and Jumps.

Firstly we had to sprint. We had to sprint all the way down the track and walk back. The first row went up and Mr Burt said “On your marks, get set, go.” and they sprinted off. Then it was my turn I gulped a nervous gulp and then I sprinted off. Sadly I came last but I still had fun.

Secondly was the discus we had to throw the discus as far as we could. I was really far, I past the line where we could never get to. Miss Tito said that the way I threw the discus was great.

My favourite one was the High jump. I did the one when you could just have fun and not the one when I want to be the champion. I did really good and I had some fun.

I had lots of fun and got to do lots of different activities. I like athletics day. We had lots of fun and it was good exercise too.

Thursday, 12 November 2015


On Wednesday the 11 of November our class went to manaiakalani. You may not know what manaiakalani is, I’ll tell you in my recount. So sit back relax and enjoy my writing.

What is Manaiakalani?
Manaiakalani is a cluster of schools that use digital devices. Some of the schools are: Pt England,Stonefields,and tamaki college. We have more schools but it’s too much.

Why do we do manaiakalani?
To celebrate each other and watch everyone's movies. We also get to see and learn some really cool things. We learn how to be Cybersmart, to care for each other and to be our self.


I like to go to the manaiakalani Film Festival. I have no idea what we’ll do next year. I hope we have some dramatic movies.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Athletics practise

On Wednesday the 28 team three went to athletics practise. There was some jumping, some running, and some throwing. We did some fun activities. We were preparing for athletics day. If you don’t know what athletics day is i will tell you. Athletics day is a day we do activities that involve athletics.  

Room elevens first activity was throwing. We had a gumboot, some socks with a ball in them, two tennis balls and a wooden ball. When I threw the sock it skidded across the ground. We all had to throw an object
Our second activity was also throwing, but it was a little different, we did basketball. we stood in a two lines, one with a black ball, and one with a pink ball. My first throw it rebounded but on my second throw I got some luck and I scored. Amelia threw the ball and it got stuck everyone laughed.

Our third and final activity was jumping. the sort of hard jumping and also fun jumping. It was the potato sacks. When it was my turn I fell over half way but i got up and  kept on going. When it was Julieanna's turn we cheered her on by saying “let's go Julie lets go” .

I like athletics because it is active and fun. I can’t wait till it is athletics day.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

just deserts poem

I was at the mall one day
when my mother said go and play
I went off to the food court and bought an ice cream cone
I found a spot that was quiet
it was nicely alone
But then the bullies from my school came over to the food court but I did not notice them

boom boom pow spaghetti and ice cream like a hoser all over their faces and I got another ice cream cone.

Cross country

Slam went the clapper and we sprinted off, I ran as fast as I could. It was the A Cross Country on Monday the 7 of September, I ran a lot faster and I started to speed up. The mud was squelching in my toes.

I started to get a little nervous as we went through the gate,Jordan was at the gate saying "run come on run." . I started up a steady jog then I started panting. A burst of speed flew right into me, I ran and ran and ran.

I could see the finish line I sped up a little more then I got closer to the playground. I started to hear some cheering I went over the bark and yes I was going to be 13th. I started up a sprint for the finish, and zoom, yaaaay.

I could see the water table and I ran faster. I had to have a drink. The drinks were given out by Mrs Clark I wanted to take 2 but I could only take 1.


I felt proud of myself because it was the best cross country ever for me. My muscles were aching. I normally come 2 or 3 to last and I came 13 yay. I like cross country.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

maths work

Better Work Stories


When I grow up I might want to be a Policewoman and fight crimes. I think the police are good because they help people. If I was a police I would help people, and I love to help.

A police does many different things for different occasions . A policewoman arrests thieves and takes them to the prison. They also give people tickets for driving too fast. Police electrocute thieves with their tasers and take them to jail.

A police needs to have certain equipment and clothes. They also have a taser, a baton, a walky-talky, and a police car. A police# wears a vest and a blue uniform the sometimes have a baton and a shield

You become a police by doing many things. You could ask your friends if they are a police too.You become a police by going on a course and applying on line.

A police has many characteristics and attitudes. A police needs to have a serious attitude and sometimes have a funny attitude. Policewomen have to have an alerting attitude as well. You have to be reliable and confident.

I want to be a policewoman because they are awesome and they stop thieves. Policewoman stop thieves and are kind of like heroes.

Friday, 28 August 2015

A Kiwisport coach

A Kiwi sport coach is someone who goes to lots of schools to teach different varieties of sports and games. The games also relate to the type of sport. Our kiwi sport coach has to teach what relates to the topic.
A Kiwi sport coach teaches different things and games. A Kiwi sport coach goes to varied schools they take 40 minute in classes. There are varied ranges of games and sports so far we are learning jump for this week. Yesterday we did the hurdles it was fun because I jumped really high than I thought I could.

WHAT EQUIPMENT DOES A KIWI SPORT COACH NEED/WHAT DO THEY WEAR? A Kiwi sport coach normally wears comfortable varied clothing. A Kiwi sport coach sometimes wears everyday clothing. Kiwi sport coaches need equipment so they can teach us how to play sports.

HOW DO YOU BECOME A KIWI SPORT COACH? A Kiwi sport coaches plays lots of sports to be a Kiwi sport coach they need to take courses and tests before they can become a kiwi sport coach. A Kiwi sport coach needs to know what it wants to teach. It need’s to make a CV and coach modules.
WHAT SORT OF PERSON DO YOU NEED TO BE? A Kiwi sport coach needs to be athletic. Kiwi sport coaches have patience. They need to have a positive attitude.


I think a Kiwi sport coach is a fun job. I like Kiwi sport coaches because they are nice. If you'd like to be one you could use my advice.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

problem solving


Hello my name is Bethan , today I am going to talk about Firefighters. To be a Firefighter you have to be strong and brave.You need to be able to work in a big team.

What is a Firefighter’s job ?

A Firefighter’s job is very hard its like being a superhero except with no powers. Firefighters take kittens out of trees and attend accidents, Firefighters are heroes. A Firefighter’s job involves extinguishing fires keeping fit and attending accidents, what I mean is going to car crashes and ripping the cars apart. It also involves driving a fire engine and educating people.

       What do Firefighters wear ?

Firefighters wear very protective clothing, they wear breathing apparatus which is breathing equipment  ,fireproof clothes, and a helmet with a visor they were the helmet and visor to protect their face and head . They wear very special gloves so they can lift up the falling pieces of wood that was from the house cause they might be on fire, or filled with nails.

How do you become a firefighter ?
You have to be trained so you can be fire smart. You have to do literacy ,numeracy and logical tests. Some have physical fitness and an interview. You also need to have special requirements.

What characteristics does a Firefighter have ?

To be a firefighter you have to be physically fit which means not fat. You also nee to be being able to work as a team which means you won't want to do it yourself.Honest and trustworthy means being able to trust them from being a awesome firefighter.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

New Beginings poem

New Beginnings Poem
We were being plundered and plundered and the elderlys thundered enough is enough.

As the numbers grew there was not enough land so we decided to go somewhere new.
There was no elderly on the waka except for one ancient man  
we decided to hear his journeys to new lands.
then suddenly there was a storm like hell
it did not go so well
then like being shaken awake from a nightmare it stopped
Until one day without warning off my brother  hopped.
He snached a branch out of the sea and held it in the air.
“It must be land!”i shouted out,
with food and animals to hunt as well.
i wonder who will find us in the land of the long white cloud,
the land of Aotearoa.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Immersion Assembly

Yesterday morning as room 11 and 12 walked to the hall we heard Mr Burt’s thundering voice saying “$1.00 $2.00 $3.00 $4.00 $5.00 number 22 going once going twice going 3 times and sold to number 22”.We were at school by the way, Mr Burt was a auctioneer most of the teachers were in costumes to represent what they are learning and  had movies and plays to do the same thing.  

Team 2 were learning about ice cream, how it was  made and what brands they come from. They had a little movie about when some of the year 2's got to have some ice cream in the morning. Their topic was called  “I Scream For Ice cream.”

Team three was about jobs. The year 3 & 4 teachers had a movie doing the YMCA song and dance, some of Pt England school did the actions of the dance it was pretty funny Mr Blakey made up these comical actions. Mr Blakey was a policeman Mr Moran was a Fireman Miss King was a cowgirl Whaea Eloise was a surgeon and Miss Squires was builder. Some of Pt England kids told everyone what they wanted to be when they grow up.

I felt like this Immersion Assembly was the best I have ever been to I feel like this is going to be the best term ever.      

Monday, 29 June 2015

mario game

Bethan Mario Game from Team 3 PES on Vimeo

Hello this is my mario game it is an a amazing video watch it if you dear

board game

this is my board game it is called smile opoly it is made by Bethan you flip the coin and it tells you where to go. yellow is lake orange is waterfall red is mountain violet is forest. the way you play the game is to get all the colours of the rainbow there are some coloured tokens to collect you must be 5+ to play the game you must also do it in order Screenshot 2015-06-29 at 10.38.52.png

Kapa haka

Kapa haka
                                                                      By Bethan   

On Friday the 26th we had kapa haka, Iwas in it. We sang a Waiata called Rona and a haka powhiri called  Toia mai.

There was a 1st row a 2nd row a 3rd row and a 4th row i was in the 2nd row.We practised every Tuesday we had some new teachers called whaea Patty and matua Ata.

Whaea Patty read the story of Rona and the moon and then sang the Waiata. The song went like this Takoto ana au ki te moenga uri uri tu ake au titiro ki te atarau kei runga ra he marama e whiti ana kei hea a rona, kei roto ra piri ki te taha piri ki te ngaio aue ra e rona e aue Rona e aue Rona e aue Rona e. I was foccused with my action's with a powerful voice I sang all of the notes.

                                              The end  

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Bethan The lighthouse

On a dull, starless night, on a treacherous headland above a village, there was a lighthouse. It was an illuminating beacon that shone upon the sharp rocks in the sea.

The merry villagers in the tavern were celebrating the lighthouse’s Anniversary.”Yay!” you could hear them cheering again and again.

A lighthouse keeper in the lighthouse was doing his work by candlelight   .With annoyance he slammed the window thinking “I can't focus with them cheering like that, it’s really annoying”.Suddenly there was an unusual clanging. The lighthouse keeper looked out his window and the night plunged into darkness.

He rushed up the stairs to the mechanical cogs and wheels to see if there was anything wrong. It seemed OK so he got the toolbox and rushed up the stairs to the enormous lamp. He looked inside, he then heard a ship horn he looked and he saw the ship dangerously close to the rocks.

He lifted the lamp precariously and it shattered into shards gasping for breath he thought “Oh no ill be blamed and it’ll be all my fault I have to do something “ and the villagers thought “Lets go and help Mr lighthouse”. The lighthouse keeper opened his door and he saw all the villagers come up with their oil lamps to help him.Just like a miracle there was a flood of light and the ship went the right way.

Friday, 29 May 2015

maths word problem

The switch

One day a solitary man was eating his lunch minding his own business when he finished his lunch he slurped his fingers.  

He noticed a spot on his tie so he cleaned his tie. Suddenly out of nowhere box hit him on the head.furiously he gave the box an almighty kick.

He had a little glance around. He noticed a big shiny box and tried to push it but it wouldn't budge.

He  noticed a towering pile of boxes stacked precariously. Then he climbed on them.He leaped of trying to land on the box  but he bounced on the box and then fell on the floor. He realised there was a little red shiny button. He reached out to press it he hesitated he thought “Should I press it” but then threw caution out the window.

He crawled  away from the box and it spun rapidly.The first thing the box did was suck in his tie then his feet and after that he disappeared completely.

It spun rapidly again. And spat out a box covered with ties, suddenly, it transformed into a white box like all the other ones.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Bethan Marble run

 Hello everyone this is my planning for my marble run the I am going to do.

Friday, 15 May 2015


On a cloudy starless night, a solitary boy called Jimmy was camping in the dark creepy woods, right by a lake roasting an incredibly delicious marshmallow.

When he heard an unexpected sound, he turned around slowly and then he gasped to see a slime-green, horrible but not so scary monster with glinting eyes  and sharp teeth.

Trying to defend himself Jimmy threw out his stick with his marshmallow on it. As quick as lightning the monster swooped out his tongue and gobbled it up. Once the monster saw the marshmallow he acted like a puppy and performed tricks like balancing on his tail and then rolling over.He performed the tricks for the marshmallows.

Desperately Jimmy felt for another marshmallow realising  it was the last marshmallow he thought “oh no what is he going to do”.Cautiously Jimmy held out the marshmallow.the monster slurped the marshmallow and almost his hand too.

When the monster finished his marshmallow he waited expectedly for another one,when he realised that there were no more, he reverted to a scary monster, he snarled then a chase began Jimmy stumbled over a rock and luckily he saw his pillow.He held it up and the monster reverted back to a nice monster Jimmy threw the pillow to the monster and he ran away the monster roasted the pillow and it incinerated.

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Anzac day

When it was pitch black before dawn broke, thousands of people and soldiers went to the Anzac dawn parade at the Auckland Museum.  
The bugle played while everybody stood still and silently with respect and care.  
They shall not grow old as we are left to grow old;age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.At the going down of the sun we shall remember them.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Picnic writing Bethan

On Friday Point England School went to The Point to have a picnic, my heart was thumping with excitement so much i imagined that it would be the best day in my life.Before we could play Mr Burt explained the rules he told us that the white tent was the place to get first aid, just in case we have an accident, after that we had our morning tea then i asked Calais if she wanted to play with the slippery slimy gluggy clay, we made little balls with it it was so fun and amazing.My 2nd Favorited
activity was playing on
the playground on the swing, slide, monkey bars, flying fox and the rock climbing.
Unfortunately i couldn’t stay at the picnic for the rest of the day because my dad picked me up from the point at lunch time so could go to my nana’s house to see my mum but it was an awsome day.