Friday, 29 May 2015

The switch

One day a solitary man was eating his lunch minding his own business when he finished his lunch he slurped his fingers.  

He noticed a spot on his tie so he cleaned his tie. Suddenly out of nowhere box hit him on the head.furiously he gave the box an almighty kick.

He had a little glance around. He noticed a big shiny box and tried to push it but it wouldn't budge.

He  noticed a towering pile of boxes stacked precariously. Then he climbed on them.He leaped of trying to land on the box  but he bounced on the box and then fell on the floor. He realised there was a little red shiny button. He reached out to press it he hesitated he thought “Should I press it” but then threw caution out the window.

He crawled  away from the box and it spun rapidly.The first thing the box did was suck in his tie then his feet and after that he disappeared completely.

It spun rapidly again. And spat out a box covered with ties, suddenly, it transformed into a white box like all the other ones.

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