Friday, 22 March 2019

Chop Suey

Today we made Chop Suey at tech. First you have to slice meat and vegetables into thin strips. You boil vermicelli and then once it is completely boiled you turn the heat off and then set them to the side. fry the onions then the carrot then capsicum, and then broccoli and cabbage. Add the meat then the vermicelli and add soy sauce, and then mix it. Add a bit of water and then turn on the heat. Serve with rice and boom you got some chop suey

School Kit, Get New Zealand Writing Poem

This is my poem for the school kit get New Zealand writing competition. For the object I wanted to make my poem about a key. The nouns and adjectives are the favourite words that came to my mind when I looked at the key I hope you enjoy my poem.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

The Doll's House

WALT: make connections between texts by exploring the ideas presented within them

Monday, 18 March 2019


This is the korero for this week. It is all about the right way to show respect and the wrong way to show respect. Remember do the right way not the wrong way. Show respect Pt. England.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Why should Facebook be more Vigilant when it comes to Underage users?

Do you have a Facebook account? If you do and you’re under 13 then you aren’t really following the law.
Facebook is a social media site that used to be one of the biggest social media sites in the world.
But not everything about social media is true.

There are people on the world wide web who aren’t really the most responsible, and because they can’t
target adults who are smarter than children, they target children. Children don’t know what to do so they
do what there instincts tell them, their instincts aren’t always right. Children usually end up doing what
the person tells then to do, and once it’s done it can’t be undone. That is what children don’t understand. 

For Facebook users under the age of 13, Facebook and social media isn’t the safest place,
because there are a lot of bad influential content that is not  suitable for younger users.
If an account with a under-aged user is found Facebook must be provided with information that shows
their over 13. It would be more suitable if under-aged kids could be banned because they haven’t really
experienced the world of social activities.

Another reason that not many people take into consideration when they sign someone up is that the
person could make a secret account and then be cyberbullies. They end up hurting other people and
then they get caught. The parents end up finding out and the parents get the blame because they are
responsible because they gave their kid and account.

So here are three reasons Facebook should be more vigilant when it comes to underage users.
Inexperience in social activities, bad people on the internet, and potential cyberbullying. Facebook has
too many underage users and should be more persistent and vigilant when it comes to the law.

Career choices:Author

Walt: Identify a career and the key things needed for one.

Task description: For this task I made a copy of the presentation and put it into my inquiry folder. I wrote down the answer to the questions and added a new background. I then posted it onto my blog with a Title, Labels,Walt and a Task Description.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019


Walt: Identify the techniques that authors use to convey a theme

Task Description: For this task I made a copy of the presentation and put it in my reading File. I Read the first texts and then I answered the questions on the slide. I read the second text as a group with Mrs Stone and answered the questions with Mrs Stone and a group. I posted it on my blog with all the traits that make a high quality blog post.

Kumara Frittata

Today Paikea and I made Kumara Frittata. First we fried some diced onions in a frying pan. Then we grated some Kumara and put it in a mixing bowl. We added two medium sized eggs into the bowl and then we put in half a cup of milk and some herbs and spices with cheese we kept on mixing. I put the Fried onions in the mix and we put the mix into a square pan. We Put the oven on at 180 degrees Celsius and then we wait until the Frittata is golden on top and the Kumara is soft. Serve on a plate and eat.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Career Shield

This is my Career shield.
You can't read it very well so I will tell you what I have written down.

At the top of that cross there are my interests: Literacy, Science, History, Geography, Mythology, Mechanics, and Performing Arts. On the left side of the cross are my skills: Cooking, Writing, Sewing, Critical thinking, Painting, Movie making,Singing, Speaking, and Researching. On the bottom of the cross on my shield are my values, things I value above anything: Kindness, Family, Culture, Respect, and Responsibility. On the right side of the cross are my qualities: Confident, Loud, Talkative, Happy, Helpful, Hopeful.
On the bottom left corner are my dreams and aspirations. Author, doctor, Circus Performer, Actor, Artist, Tennis Player, and to be a faithful and hardworking mother to my future children.
On the top left are pathways to my future. I had to pick two jobs and list information about them.I want to be a Author, The pay is depending on the success of their work, and the job opportunities are poor due to the NZ Publishing Industry. The other job is a Physician the pay is 72k for trainees and 182k for experienced workers.
My support crew is My Father ,my Mum, My stepmother, and my brothers They help my by Helping me get into school, giving me advice when it comes to everyday things, feeding me and doing soooo many other things.
The bottom right corner are my next steps. They are: Talk to someone about my dreams and aspirations. I've done that. The next one was Talk to someone about subject selection ideas and choices I've done that. The third one is talk to someone about job ideas I've done that. Then the last one was go to for more info and I've done that.

Friday, 1 March 2019

How to be a good Leader

Walt: Follow the structure of an explanation.
How to be a good leader is a particularly hard question to answer. It’s a very opinionated question, and there many different leaders in different eyes of different people. So in this piece of writing I will give examples of different types of leaders.

Responsibility. This is a trait that most people associate with leadership. Responsibility is the characteristic that in most people is taking the blame or baring the weight of a certain situation. Often leaders do this and try to work it out with a little bit of help from the people closest to them. A phrase commonly associated with responsibility is “take responsibility for your actions”. Well some people think that leaders do that a lot.

Respect. Another trait associated with leadership is Respect. Respect is a feeling of deep admiration and support. It’s also a way to say “I recognise you as a person and I understand that you are the same as me but also not, so I will treat you properly.” Good leaders know how to show this trait and people respect them for it.

Kindness. Ruling with an iron fist is not really the best thing to do. It shows fear and fear does not earn respect. Kind leaders are often respected by most people who wish to also be respected. When people are scared of a leader they’re more likely to turn their back on the person ruling with an iron fist.

So there you have it a bit of a summary on How to be a good leader. Responsibility, Respect and Kindness. These traits are the key things for a good leader. Hopefully for those who wish to become a leader you will take these traits as suggestions and keep them in mind.

Task Description: For this task I made a google doc and filed it. I wrote down things that make a good leader.  I posted it onto my blog, making sure I posted it to a high standard with a Walt, a Task Description, and Labels.