Sunday, 30 June 2019

Waiuku Forest Trail Running

Today Jayne, Justice, Roman, Kauri and I went on a 7 kilometre trail run in the Waiuku Forest. Before we started we were given instructions and I was nervous and excited. We started at the line and then we were off! It was a slow start and then we all sped up. Justice and Roman being the competitive speedy boys they are zoomed ahead and I went a bit ahead of Jayne and Kauri. But as I started to get a bit tired I slowed down and Jayne and Kauri caught up to me. So I ran with Jayne.

Around 2 kilometres to the end of the run I could see people running towards us with mud just covering their bodies. Me and Jayne were having a hard time figuring out whether we wanted to get muddy or not. I heard peoples' screams as they got covered in mud and decided I was going to save them. But I was the main person who needed saving. Before I came up to the mud I hesitated and then just decided to do the most fun thing. I ran two steps into the mud and face planted into the ground. My PALE PINK SHOES will probably never recover. RIP sports shoes.
One thing I know for sure is that I will never complain about the cross country again.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Cornwall park Souvenir mission.

Today we went to Cornwall park. We were given a challenge. Find a Souvenir and make up a story to go with it so here are my souvenirs and their stories.
Souvenir number one was a leaf. The story to go with it was that it's a leaf from and ancient tree plant originally from Japan. A sapling was brought over to Cornwall park and the tree has been growing for over a hundred years. That leaf comes from the sapling.
Souvenir number two was a flower. The story to go with that souvenir was that it was a flower from a tree that was first panted in the oxford garden in England. But when a disease that took over all of Europe hit the country so they had to take the flower tree away and plant it in cornwall park of New Zealand.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

DLO Link

Click this link to view my DLO (Digital Learning Object).

The topic for this term was really interesting. I liked learning about other countries, and I learned some interesting facts. Learning about the countries helped open my eyes about the world around me. It was really fun.

Using the scratch was nothing new to me really. I used broadcast and it was a pain. I'm gonna have one giant block of code and no broadcast.  I will no longer be using broadcast.

What's for Breakfast?

Task Description: For this task I came down on the mat with my teacher and did the problem with my group. I then made a copy of this presentation and explained my work on the second slide. I explained the rest of the process of the DMIC ON the 3rd slide. I posted my work onto my blog with a high standard.

The Gatherers

Task Description: For this task I read a fictional text called the gatherers. The first slide was a question and answers about the uncontacted tribes in Brazil and the next slide was about the fictional text. I then recorded my questions and musings about the text. Once I had chosen and finished my create task I posted this onto my blog. Hope you enjoy.


Colonisation is an old way of gathering land under one nation or empire. It’s been going on for thousands of years but the first world countries, only stopped around a couple hundred years ago. That still doesn’t mean that 2rd and 3nd world countries have stopped, and even now the commonwealth is still a remnant of the British empire which was an empire based on colonisation.

Colonisation has been around for thousands and thousands of years. The Romans used it, the Incas used it, the Greeks used it, the Spanish used it, the British used it. Many countries are still under the influence of colonisation. Most of Africa is still under the rule of colonising leaders. Even though many countries are now independent, lots of countries are still being colonised.

Does colonisation have any benefits? In short: No. Although many colonisers believe they are helping people by giving them new technology, they aren’t helping the natives. The best jobs end up going to the colonisers. The natives end up becoming slaves and the colonisers never give the natives even some middle grade job opportunities. Colonisation has hardly ever had any good benefits for the natives, only for the invaders.

Some colonisation however have had peaceful resolves. Such as the treaty of Waitangi between the British Empire and the Maori people of New Zealand. The Brits came to New Zealand and they suggested that they create a treaty and the Maori agreed. But because of the differences between the Maori and English texts there was conflict. So then the government decided to create the Waitangi tribunal and we’ve been working to create a better environment for the Maori ever since.

Colonisation was brutal period that helped shape our history. The only good that it ever gave anyone was the ability to realise our mistakes. Hopefully in the future people will take a look at the things we did and try to stop themselves from going down that rocky path again.

Friday, 21 June 2019

Information report

OneUs Is a Kpop group formed by RBW entertainment with 6 members. Ravn, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong and Xion. They Made their debut in January 9 2019 with their lead single Valkyrie.

The Members all have their own assigned roles. Ravn is the oldest member, he’s the leader, main rapper, vocalist, and producer. Seoho is the second oldest, he’s a main vocalist. Leedo is The third oldest he’s a main rapper and vocalist. Next is Keonhee is the face of the group and a main Vocalist. Hwanwoong is the main dancer and Vocalist. Xion is the Maknae (Youngest member) and a vocalist. A lot of Kpop groups are like this.

Oneus and another group by RBW entertainment called Onewe made a show called we will debut. A lot of Kpop groups have shows. Like Bangtan Bomb by BTS. Oneus is no exception on we will debut Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and other trainees, invited 100 people to be an audience in the evaluation stage at RBW art centre. The show is very interesting.

Oneus isn’t the only Kpop group that is like this though. There are many others like Blackpink, BTS, Ikon, Twice, and many others. They all do the same things oneus does, but the Kpop groups are all unique in their relationships with each other and how they act. That’s what makes Kpop groups the same and different.

Oneus is a group like many other Kpop Boy bands but, they are different at the same time. This information report was to give you an example of the differences and similarities of Kpop groups. It was also to give you a bit of information on the new Kpop group Oneus.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019


Image result for empanadas
Today in room four we got to eat Empanadas which are a native dish from Argentina. It looks like a Korean Dumpling but it most definitely is not. The ingredients are Puff Pastry, Paprika, Mild spice, Onions, Mince, and Capsicum. When the scent hit my nose I immediately felt that it was very smoky with a hint of sweetness and spice. As I bit into it the texture was a satisfying softness. There was a meaty sweet taste and a hint of smokiness. You can definitely taste the meat and the sweet overpowered the spice. For Mrs Stones first attempt at cooking Empanadas I would give her a 9 out of 10. Mui Bien!

Monday, 17 June 2019

Fish Tank

This task was all about letting other people contribute. Once we had finished the DMIC lesson on the mat we went away and did our work. I finished explaining my work on the presentation and then posted it onto my blog. I hope you enjoy seeing my work.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Europe and North America's Connections.

Europe and North america have lots of similarities. It would make sense since in the past Europeans were the people who colonised america.
When the European Colonists came to america they brought a lot of things with them. Things like Culture, Religion, Clothes, Food Recipes, and many other things. They stayed in america and ended up creating a vast civilisation. Nowadays there are many similarities between Europe and North america. Some are Easy to see like Languages. Whereas some have been modified like Food.
In this Venn diagram you can see all the similarities and differences we could think of. I hope you enjoy.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Mirror Magic

Money Money Money

Walt: Identify and evaluate the authors purpose for writing.

Task Description: For this task I made a copy Of a presentation and read a story called Mammon and the Archer. I then answered the questions on the slide for that story. Once I had finished the questions I moved to the next slide and then read the aristocracy article. I then answered the questions about aristocracy and once i had finished the Presentation I posted it onto my Blog.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Pizza Comparison

Image result for pepperoni pizzaImage result for margherita pizzaThese are the words people said when they had a pizza on Wednesday. We had American style Pizza and Italian style Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza and Margarita Pizza. Six room four students made this pizza and they were both very good.
Here are the words that we used to Describe them.

Pepperoni is more greasy
The Italian pizza looks better
The Italian pizza has better texture.
Pepperoni pizza is just meat and cheese
American Pizza is more popular because you can taste the fat and sugar.
The Italian Pizza Is very Flavourful and tasty.

"I must say I Preferred the Margarita Pizza"
- Bethan, Room 4 Student.

Orienteering with Mr Jacobsen

Today In extension we had a visit from Mr Jacobsen on how to use a compass.  We were given a  compass and a worksheet. The objective was to get the letters in the most accurate way. Mr Jacobsen told us we had to go around in a Zigzag circle.  I was with Pisirina and we won. It was very fun.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

40 hour famine

On Friday the seventh and Saturday the eighth of June I participated with a group of students in the 40 hour famine. We went over to school and had a blast we played games in the hall. We then practised our Items. I did my Item with Marika, and Jahzara. We decided to do a live singing performance of Taron Egertons cover of I'm still standing, (Spoilers, we won) and it was very fun. We then had a bit of a dance party before working on our recounts of the day. We finished that we watched a movie and then went to bed. Once we woke up we got ready to leave in the morning. The 40 hour famine was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it.

Tasting Food

Image result for pan au chocolatImage result for OlivesOn Tuesday the eleventh of June, we all had some food to eat. Bruschetta with olive oil sprinkled on top, two black olives, a piece of feta cheese and Pan au Chocolat. The Bruschetta tasted like slightly sweeter bread than usual and the olive oil is a nice dressing. The olives would have been better but they had been on the plate for a while and they we're a bit dry but still a nice refreshment. The Feta cheese was very rich and I loved that, nice and strong. The Pan au chocolat was delicious nice sweet bread and light chocolate. A tingle on the taste buds!
Image result for FetaImage result for PLain bruschetta

Friday, 7 June 2019

North America



Greece is a country in Europe. It has thousands of islands that are located in the aegean and ionian seas. The official language of greece is greek and there are around 10.77 million people living in greece.


Greece was very influential in the past and the ancient Greeks are known as the founders of the modern world. Before the civilisation of ancient Greece the Greeks lived in scattered farming villages all around the country and islands. Over the years the population grew and the villages grew as well. The Greeks then started up a government and started to create laws. They started up armies and collected taxes and each city or state had a patron god or goddess. The ancient Greek gods and myths are still a popular subject to this day.

Culture and Traditions

Culture and traditions are a very important aspect to the Greek culture. There are traditions from either religious character or paganism. Traditions and superstitions vary from island to island, Region to Region. They have many celebrations such as Name day celebration, Carnivals or Apokries, Clean Monday and more.


Greece has more to offer than amazing mythology and cliff side cities, Greece also has great wildlife and plants. In the Findus mountains you can find brown bears The Eurasian lynx and the western roe deer live in Greece’s mountainous regions and in the south, the wild boar and brown hare can still be found. The golden jackal and the western European hedgehog also live in the south.

So there you have it a short report on Greece I hope you enjoyed this small amount of information and facts. I hope you enjoyed and have a good day ya’ll.