Monday, 31 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey, Week 2, Day 5, Activities 1,2,3

The first activity was to say whether you think people who over fish shouldn't or should pay a fine of $100,000. I think it is fair because fishes are a living creature and their lives have the same value as ours. Fish play a big part in taking care  of the ocean, like cleaning corals and helping other bigger fish to stay clean. If we kill all of the fish we wont have anything to eat either. So people who over fish will be getting lots of food for themselves but in the future the people who want to have fish for dinner will have to go to the trouble of finding a new fishing spot.
The second task was to list down two polluted rivers and then write down the name of the rivers the location of the rivers and what is being done to help these rivers if anything.The two rivers I chose are:
Waikirikiri (Selwyn) River and the Karamu Stream.
Waikirikiri river flows through the Selwyn district of Canterbury in the south island of New Zealand. A fish and game led project is restoring the lake spawning habitat of the snake creek.
The Karamu stream is located in Napier. More than 20,000 trees have been planted across Karamu river.
The third and final activity of the week is to list down three ways to make money to preserve the great barrier reef of Australia. My first way to fund raise is start a give a little page and then make an advertisement on my blog. My second way to raise money would be to start a show or a musical or a play so that we can raise money by the tickets that have been bought to see the show. And my last way would be to start up some kind of charity box and a committee and every week they have to put in whatever amount of money into the charity box they want to and then after every year we donate the money to Australia.

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey, Week 2, Day 4 activities 1,2,3.

The first task was to tell the readers on your blog whether you'd like to Visit Milford sound on a boat a helicopter or a walking trail. I would want to go on the boat because it would be a nice relaxing boat ride in the waters of Milford sound and I really like water so I would want to be near it. You also get a good view of everything from lower down and it just makes the air of majesty intensify.
The second task was to list down 3 to 5 options of a new name you would want to name the devils bath from Rotorua's Wai-o-Tapu thermal wonderland.
Here are my suggestions
1. Devils wine
2. Green sizzle water*
3. Lime poison
For the third activity we had to get a selfie and then explain what we think is happening I chose this selfie:

In this photo I think this woman is posing for a selfie of herself in front and above a part of a city. I think the city might be Athens, Greece but i'm not sure. I think the woman stands on the edge of a building to get cool picture. She starts to take a few photos. The photos are all a bit hard to take because she is up high and doesn't want to fall. I think she might be Taking a photo to remember her time at wherever she is. I think after a few tries she'll get the perfect picture. Then she'll post it on some sort of social media site like Instagram or Facebook.

Summer Learning Journey, Week 2, Day 3, activities 1,2,3

The first task was to tell people viewing my blog whether i'm a 'Night Owl' (someone who llikes the night and isn't particularly a Morning person) or if i'm an early riser. I wake up when my alarm clock rings on the weekdays and get ready for school. I don't let my alarm clock ring on the weekends so I can lie in bed for a little while then i wake up and watch TV.
The second task was to list down ingredients of your favourite food. My favourite food is Lasagna for lasagna you need.
Lasagna noodles
Ground beef
Diced onions
Garlic cloves
Canned tomatoes
Tomato Paste
2/3 Cup of water
Fennel Seed
an egg
Ricotta cheese
Mozzarella cheese
Parmezan Cheese
(Note that i got these ingrediants came from a recipe from this website)
The next task was a maths problem. If an adult can lift 25 kg and a child can lift 15 kg, How many adults and children will it take to lift a 500 kg squid. There are many answers so I decided to go with my own number of kilograms for each group of adults and children to carry. The children got 75 kilograms between them and the adults got 425. Here is a picture of my working out.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey, Week 2, Day Two, Activities 1,2,3

For the first task we had to say whether we wanted to try out flax weaving. I think I would like to give it a try. I do a lot of things like origami and hang it on my ceiling so it would be nice to have some flax weaving hanging off my ceiling because flax weaving connects to my culture.

Image result for thorThe second task was to tell everyone about someone who you think is strong and tough and tell them why you think they're strong. I decided to go with Thor from the avengers. He is a very strong character not only because he can lift his awesome hammer mjolnir which means he is very strong and worthy. But also because he lost it all. He lost his family, his people and most importantly, He lost his girlfriend, and after he lost all of that stuff he was one of the people who came the closest to defeating Thanos. (by closest i mean he literally got his hammer into Thanos' chest.)

The Third activity was to choose two strange plants and list three different and similar things about them. I chose the Venus fly trap and the pitcher plant. The Venus fly trap and the pitcher plant both eat insects and small animals. They both attract their: The pitcher plant is an attracting colour and has an attracting smell, and the Venus fly trap has sugar lining its leaves. And the plants both digest the animals and insects they catch. The Venus fly trap only grows on the ground, whereas the pitcher plant hangs and grows from the ground. The pitcher plant has a juice to kill its prey and the Venus fly trap just squashes up its pray. You can find Venus fly traps in Eastern Carolia and you can find pitcher plants in South East Asia.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey, Week 2 Day one, Activities 1,2,3

The First task was to take a photo of myself doing some of my favourite activities in the holidays and then to tell us what it is and why we love it. Below us in the picture on the left is me playing with my brother on the beach. I love to go to the beach because we have lots of fun swimming and playing in the water. Especially me I love the water.

The second activity was to list three people who you would want as your support crew for the Cycling race in Taupo. You have to list them down and then say why you would want them to be there for you.

The first one would be my dad because he would probably be there to help me train and he would like to watch me ride my bike in a biking race.

The second person would be my friend Venice because she is a great friend and very supportive.

And the third person I would like to support me is my brother Kauri because he likes to ride bikes a lot and he is very energetic and funny.

For the third task we were given five sentences related to fish some were true and some were false. My job is to say if they are True Or False.

Sentence 1. The oldest known living fish in the world is an Australian lungfish living up to 65. True

Sentence 2. Shark are the only fish that have eyelids. True.

Sentence 3. Starfish are a type of fish. False. Starfish are not fish, neither are Jellyfish.

Sentence 4.  Fish communicate with each other by making low pitched noise (eg Moans hisses. etc) True
Seantence 5. Fish ussually swim together in groups called classes. False. Fish swim in groups called schools.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week 1, Day 5 Activities 1,2,3

The first task is to say why I want/don't want Loggers in New Zealand. Stating two reasons why I would want them in New Zealand. I wouldn't mind having loggers in New Zealand within reason. As  long as they don't cut down any endangered tree's such as the Kauri tree. I want loggers in New Zealand Because wood is what we need to make a lot of materials like, chairs, tables,houses, and Paper. The second reason why i wouldn't mind loggers staying in the country Is because they are working hard and probably have been for a long time and if you just take away their jobs it'll just be harder for them to get another job and master it like they did with their previous one.
The second task was to write a letter to a friend or family member about what a visit to the tundra was like. I will write a letter to my friend Venice.

Dear Venice
I Have just gotten to the tundra, and its VERY cold. There's almost nothing around, Its really just snow. We have started learning about something called Permafrost. That's when there is a layer of the ground and it stays frozen over the entire year. Where here in the summer so it will be very short, the winter is very long and the summer is quite short. There are hardly any animals but there are some tundra wolves, and arctic hares. I wish you could have been with me on this trip.
Sincerely Bethan

The Final activity for the week is to write about life in New Zealand. I have to be sure to paint a picture in other peoples heads. New Zealand is a very nice place. I think it has the perfect mixture of all the seasons.When the summer is out that is when the beach is the best. And our largest city Auckland is quite a site with lots of towering business buildings and winding roads and streets. Many people go to Auckland city to eat at the restaurants and have delicious food.
In the summer during Christmas (yes you can have Christmas in the summer) you can often see families at the beach or having a Barbecue. The beaches in New Zealand are usually quite nice and most of the community is very friendly. The winter and autumn are usually the same the only difference usualy being that autumn is when the leaves fall off and winter is when there are usually no leaves. New Zealand is a great place.

Sunday, 23 December 2018

Summer Learning Week 1, Journey Day Four Activities 1,2,3

For the first task of day four of the summer learning journey was to post five questions to ask Sir Edmund Hilary. Here are my five.

1. How long did it take to master the art of Mountain climbing?

2. Have you ever had any injuries because of mountain Climbing?

3. What was your favourite mountain climbing trip and why?

4. Who has been the most supportive in your mountain climbing journey?

5. When did you find out you loved mountain climbing?

The second task is to say one of your favourite food and how to make it.

One of my favourite dishes is spaghetti bolognese. You make it by boiling spaghetti in hot water. While you are boiling the spaghetti, put some oil in a pan and then add mince. once the mince looks brown add whole peeled canned tomatos in the pan add any spices or herbs you want stir the pan. After a little while have a taste of the mince. if it tastes good serve the pasta onto a plate and put the bolognese on the spaghetti. add some grated cheese to the top while it's still hot and then serve.

The third task is to design my own hotel. I would build my hotel out of class and build it underwater near a healthy coral reef. I would make a pyramid entirely out of triangles. The only thing that won't be a triangle is the tube that goes up to the surface where there will be glass platforms going over the surface of the water. These platforms will allow the people staying at the hotel to go to the mainland and do what they want. People will want to explore the hotel as well so I will have a few extra large pyramids to be gaming rooms, common rooms, and galleries. So that the stayers at the hotel can eat I will have the biggest Pyramid in the centre of it all there will be an all you can eat Buffet. If I were to make a hotel this ambitious description of my hotels would be what I would have designed, and built.

Friday, 21 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week 1, Day Three Activities 1,2,3

The first activity is ton create your own fantastic beast. I ended up making a beast called a Slyfarn. It has the features of a camel, rhino, cow and crocodile, along with my own touches. The dangly bits underneath its mouth pick up noises and heat waves. The claws on the Slyfarns feet are poisonous and used for defence. The Slyfarn is an omnivore the only meat it eats being small birds and fish.

The next task was to list down three pros and three cons of being a ranger. My pros are you get to be around lots of animals, that you are working for a cause to keep animals safe, and that animals around you aren't usually scared of you like most animals are. My cons would be I spend most of my time around animals and not family and friends, My family have to live far away because they aren't aloud to live on an animal reserve, and taking care of the animals also means to clean up after them eeeeewwww. I wouldn't mind being a ranger because we get to be around  animals but I would rather want out help other people by being a doctor. I think i'd rather be a vet than a ranger.

The third task was to watch a video from the WWF about either freshwater seals or tigers and then answer in full sentences what the name of the animal is. What the WWF is doing to help this creature, and What, if any, success have they had in protecting the animal. 

The animal I chose are freshwater seals which live in Lake Baikal. The freshwater seals give birth to their pups on snowbanks, so the WWF are creating snowbanks for the seals to give birth to their pups in. Nothing tells me wether the progress has been good or not so i don't know if the progress is good or bad.

Summer Learning Journey Week 1, Day Two, Activities 1,2,3

The first task for day two of the summer learnig journey week one was to say why you would want to go to Tane Mahuta, the giant Kauri tree in northland.

I would want to go there because it is an amazing marvel of nature and what it can do. The tree is very famous and I would want to go visit because its a really awesome tree and its amazing that its grown so big. It will also be amazing to go there with my family and friends to marvel at the amazing creation of nature.

The second task is to list three sports teams that have the word fern in their teams title, and post a picture of their uniform next to the list of sports names. After I do that I have to say what my favourite uniform is and why I like it the most.

  • Silver ferns
Image result for silver ferns NZ uniform
  • Black ferns
Image result for black ferns NZ uniform
  • White ferns
Image result for white ferns NZ uniform

My favourite uniform is the white ferns uniform because it has one of my favourite colours, and it looks original. It is not like the Black ferns uniform which almost looks exactly like the all blacks rugby uniform, and it isn't a dress like the silver ferns uniform (I have nothing wrong with dresses i love dresses just not dresses that look like they might show your bloomers). Plus the uniform looks really comfortable.

The second activity is a maths problem. The maths problem is 3ml times 365. I decided to work it out on my notebook and multiplied by cutting down the biggest variable into 300, 60, and five. I multiplied them by three one by one and got 1095.

Summer Learning Journey Week 1, Day One, Activity 1,2,3

The first task in the summer learning journey is to list down three facts from this website and share three facts in my own words. Here are those three facts

  • When you are driving in New Zealand you always have to drive on your left.
  • 30% of New Zealand is forest and bush.
  • New Zealand is one of the three countries with 2 national anthems with epual status, God defend New Zealand and God save the queen.
I hope you enjoyed the blog post of three facts told in my own words.

The second task was to write down why I love my hometown. Here it is.

My City is Auckland but I live near Point England in the east side of the north island. I really like living there because it has a great school the gives children different opportunities, and the beach is so nice. The sand is nice and hot between your toes and the water is nice and calm and fun to swim in.

Task number three was to write down how to be cybersmart inside of a foot. Here it is.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Tea Bag Flame Science Explanation

Today in room four our teacher Mrs Stone decided to show us a tea bag trick. She got rid of the tea leaves inside of the tea bag and unfolded it. She made the teabag a pipe of sorts. Once she set it down on the chair she lit it on fire. The fire moved down the tea bag and then it flew into the air.

But why did it fly? How does it happen? Its all because of the heat. Heat is a form of energy and it always rises. Its like a hot air balloon the hot air that goes into the air pushes against the walls of the tea bag and once the fire reaches the bottom of the tea bag, the tea bag remains fly into the air.

If my explanation wasn't good enough click this link to understand further and see what i'm talking about.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Te Wa Toi art Project.

For Te Wa Toi I decided to make a heart with a manaiakalani hook in the middle. I carved in the words I love you P.E.S From Bethan. The hook represents the school and the manaiakalani cluster. The heart represents MY love and the red of the heart represents my passion and how much I love Pt England school.

The heart was the easiest design and i felt that it would be a bit boring so i decided to etch a design into the heart, and that design was the hook. I hope you think it looks okay.