Monday, 5 November 2018

Dear Reader: A Satire Writing

Walt: use satire to express meaning

Dear Reader
You MUST read the piece of writing under this letter. It is my best piece of work. Based around the story of a young girl and her dog. You must read it because it is the best piece of writing you will ever encounter in your miserable life. Ha it might even make your life happy.

Be warned though it will jerk tears into your eyes and pull on your heart-

Woah woah woah. Just wait a minute here .You seriously can’t just be lying in your letter to your readers.

Heh Heh what are you talking about? Me the legendary Safrina lie to her beloved readers.

Yeah you’ve done it before. Remember Swashbucklers of  Davanet. That story sucked. And it was written by you, the “legendary magnificent”  Safrina Belladonna.

Don’t be ridiculous Mabel Darling. Swashbucklers of Davanet was a wonderful piece of writing. It had five stars on Safrina Reviews.

That’s because Safrina Reviews is your YouTube channel. It has 6 subscribers and they’re all your family members.

Nonsense it has 7 subscribers. But that’s not the point. Now let me finish my letter.

Huff. Fine. But i’m warning you reader her writing isn’t the best. It's the “most amazing in the world”.

Thank you Mabel! Now where was I ah yes. Read the story and subscribe to my YouTube channel Safrina Reviews. Here is the writing. Enjoy. Lots of love and merci. Safrina Belladonna

Once upon a time there was a girl and a dog the girl loved the dog but the dog didn’t love her. So with lots of treats and tummy rubs the girl one the dogs cupboard love. They are the best of friends. The end.

Safrina I honestly have no idea how you pay your bills.

I work as a waitress at the coffee club

Oh well that's an okay job


P.S. your writing sucks.


Hey i’m a teller of the truth

Task Description: For this task I made a new doc and Put it in my writing folder. I put in my writing and put it on my blog. I put it on my blog with a Title, a Walt, Labels, and a Task Description.