Friday, 28 August 2015

A Kiwisport coach

A Kiwi sport coach is someone who goes to lots of schools to teach different varieties of sports and games. The games also relate to the type of sport. Our kiwi sport coach has to teach what relates to the topic.
A Kiwi sport coach teaches different things and games. A Kiwi sport coach goes to varied schools they take 40 minute in classes. There are varied ranges of games and sports so far we are learning jump for this week. Yesterday we did the hurdles it was fun because I jumped really high than I thought I could.

WHAT EQUIPMENT DOES A KIWI SPORT COACH NEED/WHAT DO THEY WEAR? A Kiwi sport coach normally wears comfortable varied clothing. A Kiwi sport coach sometimes wears everyday clothing. Kiwi sport coaches need equipment so they can teach us how to play sports.

HOW DO YOU BECOME A KIWI SPORT COACH? A Kiwi sport coaches plays lots of sports to be a Kiwi sport coach they need to take courses and tests before they can become a kiwi sport coach. A Kiwi sport coach needs to know what it wants to teach. It need’s to make a CV and coach modules.
WHAT SORT OF PERSON DO YOU NEED TO BE? A Kiwi sport coach needs to be athletic. Kiwi sport coaches have patience. They need to have a positive attitude.


I think a Kiwi sport coach is a fun job. I like Kiwi sport coaches because they are nice. If you'd like to be one you could use my advice.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

problem solving


Hello my name is Bethan , today I am going to talk about Firefighters. To be a Firefighter you have to be strong and brave.You need to be able to work in a big team.

What is a Firefighter’s job ?

A Firefighter’s job is very hard its like being a superhero except with no powers. Firefighters take kittens out of trees and attend accidents, Firefighters are heroes. A Firefighter’s job involves extinguishing fires keeping fit and attending accidents, what I mean is going to car crashes and ripping the cars apart. It also involves driving a fire engine and educating people.

       What do Firefighters wear ?

Firefighters wear very protective clothing, they wear breathing apparatus which is breathing equipment  ,fireproof clothes, and a helmet with a visor they were the helmet and visor to protect their face and head . They wear very special gloves so they can lift up the falling pieces of wood that was from the house cause they might be on fire, or filled with nails.

How do you become a firefighter ?
You have to be trained so you can be fire smart. You have to do literacy ,numeracy and logical tests. Some have physical fitness and an interview. You also need to have special requirements.

What characteristics does a Firefighter have ?

To be a firefighter you have to be physically fit which means not fat. You also nee to be being able to work as a team which means you won't want to do it yourself.Honest and trustworthy means being able to trust them from being a awesome firefighter.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

New Beginings poem

New Beginnings Poem
We were being plundered and plundered and the elderlys thundered enough is enough.

As the numbers grew there was not enough land so we decided to go somewhere new.
There was no elderly on the waka except for one ancient man  
we decided to hear his journeys to new lands.
then suddenly there was a storm like hell
it did not go so well
then like being shaken awake from a nightmare it stopped
Until one day without warning off my brother  hopped.
He snached a branch out of the sea and held it in the air.
“It must be land!”i shouted out,
with food and animals to hunt as well.
i wonder who will find us in the land of the long white cloud,
the land of Aotearoa.