Friday, 21 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week 1, Day Three Activities 1,2,3

The first activity is ton create your own fantastic beast. I ended up making a beast called a Slyfarn. It has the features of a camel, rhino, cow and crocodile, along with my own touches. The dangly bits underneath its mouth pick up noises and heat waves. The claws on the Slyfarns feet are poisonous and used for defence. The Slyfarn is an omnivore the only meat it eats being small birds and fish.

The next task was to list down three pros and three cons of being a ranger. My pros are you get to be around lots of animals, that you are working for a cause to keep animals safe, and that animals around you aren't usually scared of you like most animals are. My cons would be I spend most of my time around animals and not family and friends, My family have to live far away because they aren't aloud to live on an animal reserve, and taking care of the animals also means to clean up after them eeeeewwww. I wouldn't mind being a ranger because we get to be around  animals but I would rather want out help other people by being a doctor. I think i'd rather be a vet than a ranger.

The third task was to watch a video from the WWF about either freshwater seals or tigers and then answer in full sentences what the name of the animal is. What the WWF is doing to help this creature, and What, if any, success have they had in protecting the animal. 

The animal I chose are freshwater seals which live in Lake Baikal. The freshwater seals give birth to their pups on snowbanks, so the WWF are creating snowbanks for the seals to give birth to their pups in. Nothing tells me wether the progress has been good or not so i don't know if the progress is good or bad.


  1. Have you got a picture of the freshwater seals that you can post? I bet the baby ones are really cute! I would think they like the cold if they are having babies on a snowbank! Great work Bethan, well thought through with regards to being a ranger. Looking forward to the next blog post.

  2. Kia ora Bethan,

    I completely agree with Mumma Jay. I think that this post is well thought through and that you have given the idea of becoming a DOC ranger careful consideration. It is a job that involves working away from home as family aren't allowed to live on-site with you. One of my really good friends (Melanie) used to be a DOC ranger and she loved the job, however, she ultimately chose to change her career as she wanted to live at home with her family and be there for her children as they were growing up. Interestingly, she became a doctor and I can see from your post that you'd prefer to be an animal doctor (vet) than a ranger. That could be a really interesting job, I reckon...

    Speaking of jobs, do you have any ideas about the future? Are there specific careers that you are thinking about? I read an article in the newspaper last month that said that young people in New Zealand are likely to change careers as much as seven times in their lives. That sounds like a lot to me but the article was well researched so I suppose that it could be try. In that case, you will have the chance to do many different jobs. You could be a DOC ranger and a vet!

    Wishing you and your family a very happy holiday. Do you have any special plans for this week? We are laying low because the weather is so wet and awful.

    Take care,


  3. Kia ora Bethan,

    Amazing blogging, I just wanted to say how amazing you are keeping up with your work and making sure you get it finished in time.

    I love how creative you are with your mystical creature.It's amazing how you can combine a camel, rhino, cow and crocodile together!

    Keep up the great work,
    ka mau te wehi


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  5. Kia ora Bethan,
    Firstly, I want to compliment you for writing so thoughtfully, I can see that you consider things well before writing which is really wonderful!
    I really like the features of your fantastic beast and how you have explained each detail of your drawing. You did a great job in here!
    For the WWF task is nice that you explained about the importance of the snow banks in order for the fresh water seals being able to give birth to their cubs as that give your readers a good context to understand what is that you are writing about. Furthermore, you are so right as nothing there indicate if they have succeed or not, personally I think if they manage to help at least one freshwater seal to give birth that is already a big success in my eyes, don't you agree?
    For the future, I want you to consider to add pictures in your posts as this can help make your writing more visual appealing and interesting.

    Ka Mau te Wehi!
    Kia kaha,