Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey, week 3, Day 4, Activities 1,2,3

For the first activity I had to make an acrostic poem out of the word "LIGHTS" inspired from the southern lights or the " Aurora Australis".

L ively waves dancing across the sky
I ncredible colours flashing on my face
G rand movements like a ballerina in the sky
H appy, awestruck faces on people all around us
T angling together in a synchronised dance.
S ensation and calm washing all over everything.

For the second task I had to write a short summary of what happens in the book 'The seven stars of matariki'. In the book the main character is a man the youngest of his brothers Mitai who has magical abilities. Mitai is the youngest of seven brothers. His seven brothers think of themselves as the most handsome and strong people in the village because they are, because of this they don't marry anyone who is less beautiful than them. One day when they are hunting they hear the most beautiful singing, they decide to go and find the source of the beautiful voices. Once they find the source of the beautiful singing they are amazed, they find seven beautiful women with golden sparkling hair and pale shining skin, all of the brothers are absolutely amazed. Except Mitai he is suspicious. The seven brothers take the beautiful women back to the village and make them their wives, once the women are with the brothers the brothers do everything for them, getting them fish which was the only thing they eat, and doing everything the wives command. Mitai watches them closely, his suspicion growing , and he realizes they never seem to leave their homes, so one day he decides to keep a close eye on them, he notices six birds on a branch of the tree he was hiding behind. After a few moments the seventh bird comes out of Mitai's brother's home. He quickly transforms into a kereru and  follows them, after flying for a while the seven wives transforms back into women, they start to speak of their plan to starve the brothers to death. Hearing this he returns to his village and convinces his brothers that their wives are evil, once his brothers get convinced they go to the elder and get a magic net, using this net they capture the wives and take them to the star god, the star god also falls in love with the wives and agrees to take them but once a year he lets their beauty be shown to the world.

The next activity is a describing activity.
 We had to choose a cloud to desribe what you think it may look like and I chose this one: This cloud to some people may look like a tornado forming but to me it looks like a spinning top, or an upside down UFO. It also looks like an upside down ladies hat, the top half also looks like a mariachi hat. 
Image result for ladies hatImage result for mariachi hat
Image result for ufo


  1. Kia Ora Bethan

    What great work you have here! I love how you have set your work to a high standard and I am really impressed. The work you have done is awesome Bethan. Your acrostic poem was really beautiful. I loved the words you have chosen for the activity. My favourite bit was tangling together like a synchronised dance! You really thought through what you were going to write and I think it's fantastic Bethan!

    Overall great job on finishing your work and I definitely hope to see more posts from your amazing blog!


  2. Hey there Bethan, it's Billy here again from the Summer Learning Journey team. I'm glad to see you've been working really hard over your summer break and completing lots of activities. You've been incredibly active and I am sure your teachers at school will be really proud of your efforts.

    I really enjoyed reading your acrostic poem the Southern Lights. I like that you didn't just write one word per line. You've also used some creative language such as 'grand movements', 'awestruck faces'. I like the alliteration in 'tangling together'.

    Do you often write poetry? You're quite talented. What's your favourite form of poetry?

    Thanks, Billy.

  3. Hello again Bethan, thanks for comparing this cloud to a UFO or even a spinning top. It certainly looks very similar! Have you noticed any strange looking clouds before?

    I'm living in London at the moment where it seems to be cloudy a lot of the time. It's mostly overcast though so unfortunately I haven't seen any funky looking clouds lately, maybe in the summer time.

    Thanks, Billy.

  4. HI Bethan

    Love all the post you have done you are doing very well in the summer learning journey can't wait to see you when school starts again.

    I agree with you about the cloud it does look like a spinning top and a ladies hat upside down and a marichi. those choices are really creativty you can really let you imagination run wild Bethan!

    I also like you acrostic poem you have right loads of words like a sentence instead of a word which I sometime think is quite lazy but when you right sentence it make me feel like the writer has put in quite a lot of work.


  5. Hi there Bethan,

    My name is Susie and I am a member of the Summer Learning Journey (SLJ) team just like Billy. I really enjoyed reading your summary of 'The Seven Stars of Matariki'. It is obvious that you've taken your time to focus on the details. Anyone who does not know about the story will be able to learn about the origins of the seven stars by reading your description.

    Did you ever read this book at school? I'm sure you have created something that relates to Matariki as a way of celebrating the Maori New Year. I would love to hear all about your learning experience! I remember I once used this book for an art lesson where we created a jigsaw puzzle that represented the seven stars.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing back from you,

    Susie :)