Friday, 22 December 2017

Summer learning journey:Day one: Bonus blog post

Image result for waka amaI don't think I would like to do waka ama because to be honest I don't think I could paddle that fast without a huge amount of practice, and to be honest I think I like sailing more than paddling. But I definitely enjoy watching waka ama it is very on the edge of your seat.

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Summer learning journey: Day one: Activity 2

Dear Naomi

Image result for wakaIt has been a 2 days since we have left our island sanctuary and to be honest I am feeling a little worried that we might not get to wherever we want to go. I hope we don't get crushed by the waves. us girls don't get very fun jobs but its nice to do everything with all the other girls and women its really fun though. I've been on the water before but this is way more fun than fishing and swimming.
Anyway That s all and hope aotearoa is as good as you've been telling me.


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Summer learning journey: Week 1: Activity 1

Te Ika-a-Māui The summer learning journey gave me a link to a story about a boy called Maui who goes on a fishing trip with his brothers and fishes out the north island of New Zealand. The Summer learning journey told me to find three facts about Maui. This is what I found out.

1. Maui is a very determined boy: He is willing to do anything to prove that he can be as good as his brothers at the least he would even make his nose bleed

2. Maui Can get really angry: In the story his brothers anger him by telling him that they will not let him fish with them because he is too small but they were probably stopping him from fishing with them because he hasn't had any experience and he was younger.

3. Maui was probably often stressed: Because he probably lived in the shadows of his older brothers meaning he was probably always trying to live up to the peoples expectations that he could be as good and maybe even better than his brothers so it was probably stressful when people were comparing him to his older brothers

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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Final blog post for 2017 (at school)

Today is my last day to post something on my blog so i am going to say goodbye but don't worry I am going to post in the holidays I will also do the summer learning journey.

I think my favourite things about this year is being first in academic in my school and going to camp ta Kawau island and having an amazing time.

For the holidays i am going to the blue lakes so I will be blogging a lot about that to

Here is the yr 6 Prizegiving item

Wednesday, 1 November 2017


Walt: Write Your Own Limericks

Task Description: For this task I i made a copy of the presentation and put it in my writing folder. the first thing I did was change the background because it was ugly. I then explained what a limerick was and I put in 3 examples. I then posted it onto my blog with a Walt a Title a Task Description and Labels.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Trumpets Advice Blog

Walt: practice comprehension skills

Task Description: For this task I made a copy of a presentation and put it in my reading folder. I then read the letter that the made up person's letter. I then researched the appropriate advice. Once i had gathered up all the information I wrote my letter back answering all the questions. I then posted it on my blog with a Walt, a title, a Task description and Labels.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Term 4 Immersion Assembly

WALT: use exciting language in a recount

Do you like music? I do. This term our school's theme is about music which means we are going to learn about music.

The school theme is Musical madness which as you know is all about music. We started the immersion assembly with doing the team items, most of the items were about how music makes us feel and how we react to different types of music. Some of the teams are making their own soundtracks. Other kids in my class would have a favourite but i don’t the items were all just too good.

Team 4’s item was hilarious. Our teachers were in a vehicle listening to funky tunes and playing with little instruments for props. It was a remake of the apple music ad, but instead we are composing our own music. If you do not know what the apple music ad is and would like to hear it to get an idea of what the teachers did search up Taylor Swift vs Treadmill.

I hope i can learn how to play the piano, and how to read music. That could be a bit hard though. I hope to learn about some of the history of certain instruments like the piano. As well as learning i would like to listen to fun tracks.

I think that this term is going to be amazing. Don’t you think so too? I can’t wait for us to start learning about music.

Task Description: for this task I made a copy of a template and then put it in my writing folder. We all did the paragraphs together as a class so that no one was behind. I then posted it onto my blog with a Title, a Walt, a Task Description and Labels.

Basic Facts Practice Results

Friday, 6 October 2017

Give bees a chance

File:Honey bee (Apis mellifera).jpgBees are an insect closely related to Wasps and Hornets. But they are nothing like Wasps and Hornets they have a large role in pollination and making the fruit and vegetables we eat alive. so what would happen if we didn't have Bees. Well first we wouldn't have fruits and vegetables and there would be no flowers to put in our gardens, so we would just be eating meat and dairy products for the rest of our lives. But then the what happens when we eat all the animals and then we have no more food. WE'D BECOME CANNIBALS! and that would not be a pretty picture. So if you are thinking of squishing a bee because your scared, think about how the bee is feeling they don't want to hurt anyone because they are actually peaceful creatures and all they want to do is make honey and pollinate to make the world alive. So if a bee starts buzzing around you don't try and kill it just calmly walk away cause all we have to do to make the world a better place is give Bees a chance

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

At Nana's

Hello everybody its me Bethan i'm back
Sorry I Haven't blogged in a while there has just been so much going on we've been in my Nana's spa pool having leaf races and playing outside so i just haven't had enough time to do a blog post. But we have had time to chill this is my little brother, Whakairo and he has been watching TV. Doesn't he look like an angel in this photo? Here is another picture of us having some fun with my Nana's dog, Molly. Molly's breed of dog is a British bull tearier. That photo was taken just below my Nana's driveway. The bottom Right picture of me was when we were at the bottom of the driveway to my Nana's house  and i decided to put my feat into the stream at the side of my Nana's driveway. My Nana's driveway Goes up a hill that has many rocks witch are really fun to climb on and my Nana's house has an amazing view that looks out above the ocean and the beautiful wildlife of Aotearoa.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Guess What i'm Doing

Our Good Ol' Dog

This is a presentation about our dog.

Bugs Quiz

This is the Link to the Quiz

Whats Your Favourite Food

Here is the link to my Quiz

Bugs Poem

Image result for Bugs
Bugs Bugs from Hornet to Slugs
Some bugs are squishy
Some bugs are crunchy
Some covered in slime
And some hide in grime
Bugs Bugs Some good some bad
But all of them as equally rad
Bugs Bugs From Hornets to Slugs

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Doctor Who

This morning we were watching Doctor Who which is a science fiction TV series. We are up to the Tenth Doctor and we were watching Rose Tyler  get possessed by Casandra the last Human on New Earth, and these cat nuns were curing incurable diseases but at the same time they are doing experiments on living lab rats. It ends with everyone going back in time and seeing Casandra with a body. Her slave tells her that she is beautiful and then he dies. It may sound really harsh but it is actually really cool and science fiction I think that you should watch it if you can.

Its the School Holidays!

Image result for holiday memesImage result for holiday memesHi everybody it is Sunday and you guessed it the school Holidays and we have gotten off to a really weekend like start. So basically my brothers are playing on the X-Box and I am on my Chromebook doing my holiday blogging I think i am going to do as much blogging as I can. So all i wanted to say is that i am really happy for the holidays.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Ads warning

Cyber smart Monday Madness
Today we were learning to be safe with ads online because some ads are not so good and they are scams. so we decided to learn about how to be safe when it comes to ads and being online. So we went on to a website cool maths games and i'm being 100% honest we did not go on any games and then we took a screenshot and put it on google draw we boxed the ads in red and the games that are from the websites green.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

3rd Paideia Seminar

On Tuesday the 19th of September the extension group had a 3rd Paideia Seminar. The main statement was does civilisation really matter? We were put into groups according to the planets we were in. We started to make an effective argument about does civilisation really matter. I talked a lot but i tried to make people have 3 ticks instead of 2. We started talking about our planets and Naomi said her planet was the best but I think that my planet Hauhunga is the best planet because it is a winter wonderland and it was probably the best planet to adapt to because it is almost exactly like Antarctica.

Alien Descriptions

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Comet Quiz

Walt: make connections with what we read and what we have read
Here is the link to my quiz

Monday, 18 September 2017

Image Attribution Example

Task Description: For this task we had to search up an image and attribute it because we are doing cyber smart Monday. I decided to search up one of my most favourite things Happy Cats  and i wanted to modify it so that it looked even more happier. I searched up happy cat went into tools made it labelled for reuse with modification and then put it in a google draw. I attributed it and modified it then i posted it onto my blog to a high standard. 

Friday, 15 September 2017


Click the centre of the front page to make Stardome appear.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Mars One Project

Walt: make connections with what we read and what we have read

Task Description: for this task i made a copy of this presentation and put it in my reading folder. I put in the information to the questions and put a picture on the front slide. I then posted it onto my blog with A Task Description, a Walt, a Title, and Labels.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Picture Book

Walt: create our own picture books.
 Task Description: For this task we created our own picture books within our reading groups. We each designed an illustrated a page for the story. Once the books were made and printed we got to read them to a Year 1 class. Afterwards we gave the books to the class. Here is a digital version of the class.

Problem Solving

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Mars One Astronaut Profile

Walt: make connections with what we read and what we have already read

Task Description: for this task i made a copy of a google draw and put it in my reading folder. I had to fill in the description of my character Caspian. I then had to draw him using a download of a blank body. I added details using Pixlr Editor after that i put it on the google draw. I then posted it onto my blog with a Walt, A task Description, Labels, and a Title.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Cross Country

Walt: Structure A Recount

On Friday the 1 September we had the cross country. Everyone was wearing mufti, they had to wear the colour of their house colour. Do you like cross country?

Before the race began the house captains had to share their cants. While i was waiting for the race to begin, my friends and I were chatting, playing hand games and singing along to the songs. We were chillin’ out in the sun and I finally found my purpose in life, and that was to play in the sun and be free. Then Mrs Nua told us to come up to the starting line

I was filled with butterflies and i started to get nervous, but i shoved all that down. I let my excitement take over. The clapper clapped i ran and i actually wasn’t last this time. I tried to catch up to the front and i ran. I was filled with determination it was a long race but i was going to make it short.  I ran with Ayla because some of my friends were faster than me, and some we're slower and i was in between but that didn’t mean i wasn’t having a hard time with Ayla because she was fast and we we're jogging. Then i saw the finish line.

I ran and ran I huffed and puffed and held my stitch all at the same time, and i finally passed the finish line. I whooped. I saw my dad and stepmum and i went to get my water. Once i had my water i went to give my dad a hug because it was his birthday, he was so proud. When i sat down, miss kathy poured her water on my legs! It was the best cross country i had ever had.

Next time instead of letting my legs feel weak, I will just try and sprint the whole way. I will also try to encourage others more instead of just running past them. I learned that if you have a determined spirit and run the whole way you can make 1.5 km feel like a few meters.

Task Description: For this task i did the cross country on Friday the 1st of September. Then I had to remember the events and what happened. I put it all in a template and then pasted it onto my blog. Before i published I put in a title a Walt, labels, and a task description.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Sailing Technology

Bethan Maori Waka sailing tech from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Practice Practice Practice

Walt: solve decimal problems

Task Description: For this task i made a copy of the presentation and put it in my maths folder. I put in how the equations were worked out already knowing the answers. I posted it onto my blog with a Walt, a Task Description, Labels, and a Title.