Friday, 6 October 2017

Give bees a chance

File:Honey bee (Apis mellifera).jpgBees are an insect closely related to Wasps and Hornets. But they are nothing like Wasps and Hornets they have a large role in pollination and making the fruit and vegetables we eat alive. so what would happen if we didn't have Bees. Well first we wouldn't have fruits and vegetables and there would be no flowers to put in our gardens, so we would just be eating meat and dairy products for the rest of our lives. But then the what happens when we eat all the animals and then we have no more food. WE'D BECOME CANNIBALS! and that would not be a pretty picture. So if you are thinking of squishing a bee because your scared, think about how the bee is feeling they don't want to hurt anyone because they are actually peaceful creatures and all they want to do is make honey and pollinate to make the world alive. So if a bee starts buzzing around you don't try and kill it just calmly walk away cause all we have to do to make the world a better place is give Bees a chance

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