Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Term 4 Immersion Assembly

WALT: use exciting language in a recount

Do you like music? I do. This term our school's theme is about music which means we are going to learn about music.

The school theme is Musical madness which as you know is all about music. We started the immersion assembly with doing the team items, most of the items were about how music makes us feel and how we react to different types of music. Some of the teams are making their own soundtracks. Other kids in my class would have a favourite but i don’t the items were all just too good.

Team 4’s item was hilarious. Our teachers were in a vehicle listening to funky tunes and playing with little instruments for props. It was a remake of the apple music ad, but instead we are composing our own music. If you do not know what the apple music ad is and would like to hear it to get an idea of what the teachers did search up Taylor Swift vs Treadmill.

I hope i can learn how to play the piano, and how to read music. That could be a bit hard though. I hope to learn about some of the history of certain instruments like the piano. As well as learning i would like to listen to fun tracks.

I think that this term is going to be amazing. Don’t you think so too? I can’t wait for us to start learning about music.

Task Description: for this task I made a copy of a template and then put it in my writing folder. We all did the paragraphs together as a class so that no one was behind. I then posted it onto my blog with a Title, a Walt, a Task Description and Labels.

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