Friday, 15 July 2016

What we did Today

Today we went to the Calderglen Country Park. It was really fun we went there with my dad’s mate Uncle Lenny (we call him that). First we looked at the animals in the zoo and then we went to the playground. We went for a walk and then had some lunch and after lunch we had ICE CREAM! We went for another play in the playground and then went home again.

This is what I did today I hope you like it.

In The Plane

In this presentation it will tell you about the flight and show you some pics I hope you like it

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

In Scotland Aunty Fiona and Hazel is Here

12 Jul 2016 18:47:34.jpg
It's the 12th of july and the second day at SCOTLAND! The afternoon is a bit sleepy but as soon as I find out aunty Fiona is here I sprinted through the hallway into the kitchen. Later on I saw a car come by AUNTY HAZEL! I welcomed her through the door and gave her a big hug. It's been a big “it's nice to meet you” and “My names so and so.” I think we’re going to have fun Holidays.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Goodbuy Fans

Goodbye Fellow Blog Readers It is the last day of school for Term 2 in New Zealand. It will not be buy forever though I will surely blog about my travels to Scotland. I hope that you have a good holiday and see you next term but before I go I want you to know what I enjoyed during this Term. I enjoyed learning from other people's perspectives.


Problem Solving

Walt: Solve Problems Using Decimal Numbers.

Task Description: For this task I made a copy of the presentation and then started to read the first question. When I read the question I put it into an equation and then solved it in my maths book. When I solved it in  my maths book and took a picture I put what I did in sentence for down below. I did that twice and then posted it on my blog to a high standard, Labels and all.

Thursday, 7 July 2016


Walt: Make connections with what we read and what we already know.

Task Description: For this task I read this Peta Kids website and then started to do the PMI which is the task above this. I started with the plus and then did the Minus

Opinions On Zoos

Walt: Make Connections With What We Read and What We Already Know

Task Description: For this task I made a copy of the Opinions on zoos. Second of all I started to read the first ones Opinion I answered the questions and then started on the next one and then when it came up to me I took a picture of myself. I wrote my experiences on zoos and then answered the questions. When I finished I posted it on my Blog to a high standard.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My Extension Artwork and Movie for Term Two.

Walt: Make a piece of art about a Maori or Pacific warrior, princess or a warrior princess.
This is my Artwork for 2016 Term 2 at the PtEngland Art exhibition. This is my work from my extension class.

Bethan Maori Warrior from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is my Maori Warrior Princess Movie.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Pyra the Charming Pixie Falls in the Swamp

Walt: Write a story using the story starter.

The woods were quiet and calm as Pyra the pixie was walking to Camelot. The luscious green forest was swaying with the warm breeze and the golden leaves of the trees crunched beneath her feet. The colourful birds were chirping a quiet song and the blue violets swayed with the trees.

Pyra the Charming pixie had long black hair and a shiny bow that tied her beautiful long hair. She had lovely blue skin which shined in the sun. Pyra was wearing a blue dress she had made with violet petals and silk from silky the silkworm. She was wearing her flower chain that her grandmother had made for her with the purple pixies.

As Pyra was walking she heard the trees swaying with the warm breeze and leaves crunching under her feet. Pyra was wondering how long it would take when she saw some fireworks spelling the word Camelot. She started to run to the spot where she saw the fireworks and then …. thump she landed in the swamp she tried to get out but she was stuck. “Merlin help somebody please help I'm stuck” cried Pyra she struggled to fly out because her wings were wet.

A stray fox heard her cries and shouted back “where are you Pyra, it's me Felix the fox, keep on shouting out to me, say Marco and ill say polo when I want you to shout again OK.” Pyra heard him “OK MARCO” said Pyra. A few minutes later Felix heard her and got to the swamp and said “ grab my paw Pyra I need to grab on to you.”

When Felix got Pyra she cleaned up and then started to go to Camelot and thanked Felix for helping. When she got to Camelot it was noon and she gave merlin some of her pixie dust. “ Make sure you let it dry Merlin I fell in the swamp” said Pyra and with that she went back home.

Task Description: For this task I used the story starter to get an idea for my story I took screenshot of the story starter and then made a new doc. I put the screenshot on the doc and then started to write my story. i structured it into 5 paragraghs. When I was finished I posted it on my blog with a Walt, Title, Task Description, and Labels

Friday, 1 July 2016

Blue Tiger And The Quest For Alliance

Walt: Make a story about our superhero art.
Sarah A.K.A Blue Tiger and her subjects are having the most amazing coronation anniversary and then they all go to sleep. While they are sleeping the past king and queen are kidnapped. Blue Tiger does not know this for she is fast asleep. On the other side of the jungle the Wolfgang have the past king and queen strapped to a to a tree. “ I will set you to free as soon as you and your puny kingdom leave your precious territory.” Said Wolfer.

The next morning Sarah went to wake her mother and father. She went to their room Crash! She dropped the plate and looked outside the entire kingdom of Lions and Tigers were being attacked by the Wolfgang. Sarah had the eye for 1 of them and that was Wolfer for she had sniffed the bed and found his sent. “For your own sake tiger girl surrender your territory to the Wolfgang or else.” Said Wolfer. “My name is Sarah and we will never surrender to you, you treacherous snake.” said Blue Tiger, “ We gave you a chance but you lied to us and decided to steal the chronicle and put our world at stake.” There was a silence between them and then he whimpered and made her pass out.

When Blue Tiger woke she found herself in her bed with a note strapped to her wrist. It said you have one week before we come we will hold a conference on the last day you have today till Saturday to decide princess make your decision surrender to us the territory or suffer my wrath. If you want to share we will have a week of thinking. From the Wolfgang.’ Sarah was about to extend her claws and go after them but she calmed down. Sarah had a splendid idea and then started doing what she did in the morning and then gathered all the elders and the advisers and then had their own little conference.

One week later Sarah and her guards went to the conference. “ I'm glad you could come queen Sarah” said Wolf fang “we want to hear what you have decided-” “I want to share and give you and another chance” interrupted Sarah. “ Then it is done Sarah. I will give you five days to make room.” Said Wolf fang. Five days later they all settled in and had made preparations and for Blue Tiger she took good care of her kingdom and found happiness once again.

Task Description: For this task I made a copy of a plan a short story template. I did my plan and then started to write. I used a structure of 4 paragraphs and made sure their was speech in each one. When I was finished a posted it on my blog with a Task Description, Walt, Title, and Labels.