Friday, 1 July 2016

Blue Tiger And The Quest For Alliance

Walt: Make a story about our superhero art.
Sarah A.K.A Blue Tiger and her subjects are having the most amazing coronation anniversary and then they all go to sleep. While they are sleeping the past king and queen are kidnapped. Blue Tiger does not know this for she is fast asleep. On the other side of the jungle the Wolfgang have the past king and queen strapped to a to a tree. “ I will set you to free as soon as you and your puny kingdom leave your precious territory.” Said Wolfer.

The next morning Sarah went to wake her mother and father. She went to their room Crash! She dropped the plate and looked outside the entire kingdom of Lions and Tigers were being attacked by the Wolfgang. Sarah had the eye for 1 of them and that was Wolfer for she had sniffed the bed and found his sent. “For your own sake tiger girl surrender your territory to the Wolfgang or else.” Said Wolfer. “My name is Sarah and we will never surrender to you, you treacherous snake.” said Blue Tiger, “ We gave you a chance but you lied to us and decided to steal the chronicle and put our world at stake.” There was a silence between them and then he whimpered and made her pass out.

When Blue Tiger woke she found herself in her bed with a note strapped to her wrist. It said you have one week before we come we will hold a conference on the last day you have today till Saturday to decide princess make your decision surrender to us the territory or suffer my wrath. If you want to share we will have a week of thinking. From the Wolfgang.’ Sarah was about to extend her claws and go after them but she calmed down. Sarah had a splendid idea and then started doing what she did in the morning and then gathered all the elders and the advisers and then had their own little conference.

One week later Sarah and her guards went to the conference. “ I'm glad you could come queen Sarah” said Wolf fang “we want to hear what you have decided-” “I want to share and give you and another chance” interrupted Sarah. “ Then it is done Sarah. I will give you five days to make room.” Said Wolf fang. Five days later they all settled in and had made preparations and for Blue Tiger she took good care of her kingdom and found happiness once again.

Task Description: For this task I made a copy of a plan a short story template. I did my plan and then started to write. I used a structure of 4 paragraphs and made sure their was speech in each one. When I was finished a posted it on my blog with a Task Description, Walt, Title, and Labels.

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