Monday, 4 July 2016

Pyra the Charming Pixie Falls in the Swamp

Walt: Write a story using the story starter.

The woods were quiet and calm as Pyra the pixie was walking to Camelot. The luscious green forest was swaying with the warm breeze and the golden leaves of the trees crunched beneath her feet. The colourful birds were chirping a quiet song and the blue violets swayed with the trees.

Pyra the Charming pixie had long black hair and a shiny bow that tied her beautiful long hair. She had lovely blue skin which shined in the sun. Pyra was wearing a blue dress she had made with violet petals and silk from silky the silkworm. She was wearing her flower chain that her grandmother had made for her with the purple pixies.

As Pyra was walking she heard the trees swaying with the warm breeze and leaves crunching under her feet. Pyra was wondering how long it would take when she saw some fireworks spelling the word Camelot. She started to run to the spot where she saw the fireworks and then …. thump she landed in the swamp she tried to get out but she was stuck. “Merlin help somebody please help I'm stuck” cried Pyra she struggled to fly out because her wings were wet.

A stray fox heard her cries and shouted back “where are you Pyra, it's me Felix the fox, keep on shouting out to me, say Marco and ill say polo when I want you to shout again OK.” Pyra heard him “OK MARCO” said Pyra. A few minutes later Felix heard her and got to the swamp and said “ grab my paw Pyra I need to grab on to you.”

When Felix got Pyra she cleaned up and then started to go to Camelot and thanked Felix for helping. When she got to Camelot it was noon and she gave merlin some of her pixie dust. “ Make sure you let it dry Merlin I fell in the swamp” said Pyra and with that she went back home.

Task Description: For this task I used the story starter to get an idea for my story I took screenshot of the story starter and then made a new doc. I put the screenshot on the doc and then started to write my story. i structured it into 5 paragraghs. When I was finished I posted it on my blog with a Walt, Title, Task Description, and Labels

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