Thursday, 29 October 2015

Athletics practise

On Wednesday the 28 team three went to athletics practise. There was some jumping, some running, and some throwing. We did some fun activities. We were preparing for athletics day. If you don’t know what athletics day is i will tell you. Athletics day is a day we do activities that involve athletics.  

Room elevens first activity was throwing. We had a gumboot, some socks with a ball in them, two tennis balls and a wooden ball. When I threw the sock it skidded across the ground. We all had to throw an object
Our second activity was also throwing, but it was a little different, we did basketball. we stood in a two lines, one with a black ball, and one with a pink ball. My first throw it rebounded but on my second throw I got some luck and I scored. Amelia threw the ball and it got stuck everyone laughed.

Our third and final activity was jumping. the sort of hard jumping and also fun jumping. It was the potato sacks. When it was my turn I fell over half way but i got up and  kept on going. When it was Julieanna's turn we cheered her on by saying “let's go Julie lets go” .

I like athletics because it is active and fun. I can’t wait till it is athletics day.