Friday, 31 March 2017

Maui and the Sun

This is my movie about how maui defeated the sun and made him slower. this is one of the most famous Maori legends ever. It is one of my personal favourites.

Food Meme

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Ways to remember your Chromebook

If you are from any of the schools in the manaiakalani cluster of schools and you take your Chromebook home you will probably want to read this but you will probably already know.

To look after your Chromebook is very simple. I always use the hug hold but many use the flat book hold. You should never have your Chromebook open when holding it and moving while you are holding it. You should never ever hold it like you are reading a book. You should never ever slam your Chromebook lid closed.

I think i was forgetting my Chromebook because it wasn't a habit and I didn't always think about it.

You must always look after your Chromebook and never ever ever forget it. because if you don't then you will not be able to learn digitally. You must look after it otherwise it will get damaged.

Some ways you could remember to take your Chromebook to school are:
Put it in your bag before Bedtime
Have a sign on the door so you remember to put it in your bag

Have your brothers or sisters nag you about your Chromebook

Corkious vs Demon Hunter spider

Walt: write narrative using descriptive language.

In a forest of the northern New Zealand the Corkious insect challenges the demon hunter spider. They get into a clearing where the fight is going to not get that messy. Who do you think will win: Demon Hunter spider or the Corkious?

The first insect to make a move is the Corkious the armoured beetle gives the spider a swing with the cork on his back the spider takes really hard damage. The spider shoots it's web at the cork on the Corkious' back. The spider rips it off. The Corkious does not care he grows it back. The Corkious strikes many blows on the spider again and again the spider takes very heavy damage.

The spider has taken lots of damage now some of it's guts are spilling. If the demon hunter spider takes another hit from the Corkious and then it will be done. Unfortunately the Corkious is using the spiders distraction as a weapon and strikes him. The spider has been defeated and the Corkious feasts.

Task Description: For this task I made a copy of the template and put it in my writing folder i did the narrative writing. I published it on my blog with a Walt, a Title, a Task description, and Labels.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Demon Hunter Spider.

Screenshot 2017-03-29 at 09.50.20.pngThe demon hunter spider lives in the Kauri trees of New Zealand and it is an endemic spider that eats wasps flies and all those other annoying insects. They even eat white tail spiders they have a very fiery personality and they do not like to be around other demon hunters if they meet up with another demon hunter they will usually have a fight. They are an endangered species.


Task Description: for this task I made a copy of the doc and put it in my writing folder.Once i had done my writing and drawing I put it on my blog with a Walt, a Task description, labels, and a title.

Monday, 27 March 2017


Walt: understand rounding.

Problem Solving week 8 & 9

Walt: solve multiplication problems. 

Task Description: For this task I made a copy of the presentation  and put it in my maths folder. I got my maths book and figured out the answers and wrote what i did in my presentation. I published it on my blog with a Walt, a Task Description, a Title, and Labels.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Ladybird Paragraph.

... ladybug on the leaf | by ...
Walt: we are learning to use interesting vocab in our writing.

The Ladybird Is a very pretty Beetle with 7 spots with a red background they have 3 spots on each wing and 1 in the middle. Farmers like Ladybirds because they eat pests like aphids that eat plants. They have the pattern - that humans think are cute - to scare away predators. They also play dead. Female Ladybirds lay 1,000 Eggs throughout their lifetime.

Image Attribution:

Task Description: For this task I made a new doc In My writing folder and then I got some interesting information and wrote it in my paragraph. I put it on my blog with a Walt, a Task Description, a Title, and Labels. 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Weta Opinions

Walt: Make Connections Across Multiple Texts

Task Description: For this task I made a copy of the presentation and put it in my reading folder. I wrote in the opinions I thought and then Published it on my blog with a high standard a title a task description labels and a Walt.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Corkiuos

Walt: make connections across multiple texts

Screenshot 2017-03-21 at 10.19.35.png
The Corkiuos is a very beautiful bug and very dangerous if you get too close it will make itself inject poison in his horns and then it pokes you . Their mating season season is when the leaves start falling in New Zealand they mate by the female going on top of the male and then it start to inject baby eggs in the male and then after the three months they give birth in the rain forests of the south island. When they hunt they usually have flies butterflies and caterpillars and sometimes they will eat small spiders. The males are 20-23 centimetres long and females are 19-22 centimetres.

Task Description: For this task My friend gave me a doc and i put it in my writing folder. I wrote in all the information and made a picture of my bug on sumo paint. I put it on my Blog with a Walt a Title a Task Description and Labels.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Cinquain Poem

Walt: Understand A Cinquain Poem

Task Description: for this task I made a copy of the cinquain poem that Mrs Stickland put on the class site and forgot to put it in my writing folder. I finished all the slides and then posted on my blog to a high standard. I put on a Title the Walt, a Task Description, and Labels

Monday, 13 March 2017

Flappy Bird

Click this link to play my Flappy Bird game it is an easier Version.

Camp 2017

Walt: write about our experiences on camp

Have you ever been on a year 5 and 6 camp before? Well I have our camp we had this year the year five and six camp, if you want to know about it I will tell you. Read on to find out.

Year five and six camp is a camp at point England school that has been going on for 27 years, and guess who started it Mr Burt and he wasn’t even the principal then. We had the camp in 2017 week six from the 8th of march to the 10th. You may think that we slept at a campsite but we really slept at school on the field in tents. We do this activity called Killer Zone but we don't actually kill we have to do this sort of obstacle course when we throw balloons and catapult tennis balls to these camouflaged mats. We also do kayaking on the Point England beach. We do a whole bunch of other things too that I cannot tell you because there is no time.

Image result for Gopro
My favourite parts were sleeping and bombing in the bombing pool. I liked sleeping because I was having the best sleep I had in ages. I liked the bombing because I love jumping and

swimming so that was really cool. In the bombing pool i also got to hold Miss Scanlan's Go Pro. the go pro did not have one of those handle stick things but that was okay.

I would like to say thank you to Mr Burt who made this camp and the leaders who helped us work together. I would also like to say thank you to the helpers who made us do all these amazing things at our awesome camp. I would like to thank Miss Haare who entertained us while we were waiting for food. I would like to thank Miss Take
rei who made the food as well.

I learnt at camp that I can be a responsible and that I can show leadership. I recommend that every student does this in the future because it is a good way to build trust and work together as a team. It is also a great opportunity to help you make friends. The best part is if you are a bit protected by your parents they can come too.


Task Description : For this task I made a copy of the template the teacher gave us on the class site. I wrote in all of the things that were meant to write in. I put it on my blog with a Walt, Title Task Description and Labels.

Image 1 Attribution:

The Peafowl


Problem Solving 2017

Walt: solve decimal subtraction problems.

Task Description: For this task I made a copy of the presentation and put it in My maths folder. I completed both of the equations with an explanation and a photo. I posted it on my blog to a high standard. I have a Title Labels, Task Description and a Walt

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

My Most Favourite Non-Native birds.

This is a free blog post about My most favourite Non-Native birds.

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Monday, 6 March 2017


Walt: tell your audience what you are looking forward to what are you hoping for and what you are nervous for Camp

Have you been on year five and six camp? I have, and it is really fun. If you go to point England school  you get to go on year five and six camp.

For camp I am looking forward to the pools because I want to go in the Jacuzzi because I love being warm and if it rains it will be the best. I do not really know what I will want to do, but I do like swimming. I am also looking forward to baking because I love to bake.

I am hoping that we do not evacuate because on the day we evacuated I did not get much sleep and I felt like sleeping that day. I felt like just turning into Godzilla and I do not like to turn into Godzilla. I am also hoping we will win instead of lose with the points in the Generals.

I am nervous about the concert because we have a weird dance because it is computer generated on dance central 3. I wonder if we'll actually memorise the dance. I am also  nervous about the weather because the weather forecast says it will be stink.

Task Description: for this task I made a new doc on my google drive folder. I wrote why I was looking forward to camp and what i was hoping for and what I was nervous about. I posted it on y blog with a high standard with a Walt a Task description and Labels.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Jonathan and Geraldine

This is the tale of a boy named Jonathan and a girl named Geraldine. They lived in two different boarding schools. Jonathan lived in a boy school and Geraldine lived in a girl school. There schools were feuding they hated each other and the worst part is they didn’t know why. Now our story starts when they were both on a school trip to the same place they were all allowed to explore by themselves and that was when Jonathan bumped Into Geraldine while she was looking at the history section now Jonathan was the smartest and the strongest of the boys in his school so Geraldine fell over. “Sorry! I did not mean to hurt you I am so sorry,” said Jonathan and geraldine replied: “Nah it's OK I fall over anyway i’m sort of stumbly.”  

Image result for cancer star constellationImage result for gemini star constellationThey became the best of friends. every night they would go to the field and always play a game of football they would sometimes lie down and look at the stars.they would try and find their star signs in the night sky. The loved to  name the stars Geraldine even showed her star sign Gemini and Jonathan found his one cancer they loved to talk about themselves and they were sometimes caught from the headmaster and headmistress of their different schools but that never stopped them from seeing each other. They loved to make tiny little mud people and the funny thing is the would take them to their boarding schools and then they would sometimes put them under their teacher's bed. They would always hang out together and they would often pretend to be sick when they had trips to get out of them.

Many years later they we're ready to go into high school and on that day when they were packing up their stuff because they became roommates in their middle schools Geraldine’s dad came. “Dad I missed you” said Geraldine. “I missed you too” said Geraldine’s Father “I always wanted to show you the new piece of Jewelry I made.” “ Wow it's so pretty. Anyway where’s mum” and at that word her father let a tear slip out and that was enough for geraldine to understand. She burst into tears and cried with all her tears until there were none left, then her father gave her a drink of water.

They were moving to England for her father to get married to a woman named Sarah Loncrat. She was the owner of an animal company saving animals around the world and was the most nicest lady on the planet. But the fact that geraldine had to leave france where she had stayed most of her life and made most of her friends broke her heart but it broke her father's heart when she left him to go to a boarding school so she owed him. She went away to england and thought of Jonathan.

Native Birds in Tamaki

Walt: write persuasively.

Do you like Native birds in your backyard? Well I love native birds in mine, we need more in our area. Why? Read on to find out

Tui are important we need them in Tamaki. Tuis are one of the most beautiful birds of New Zealand and we need more. They are part of the Honey eaters in New Zealand, they are one of the very few birds that pollinate the plants in New Zealand. They can help our area in Tamaki to have more plants as well they will eat the Harakeke seeds and they will fertilise and plant them as well. Maybe that is a way you could get them to come.

The Kakapo is one of the most critically endangered birds in the world. It is the heaviest Parrot in the planet and it is a Nocturnal bird and we have lots of nocturnal birds in New Zealand. It has a beautiful colour. It is one of the most unique parrots in the world and wouldn't that make you proud.e more of them We need to have more of them.

We need to have the magpie decreased because they’re horrible. The magpie are pretty but once you get close to it it will hurt you. It has a sharp beak and it can stab you. I have seen images and even with the naked eye Magpies eating chicks. So we should get rid of the Magpies to keep native birds living.

I think having more of these two native birds will make everyone proud and happy . I think that if we have the Magpie eradicated then we could have even more of those two native birds, and their chicks won’t be eaten as much. That way more people will look at Tamaki as the Native community.


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