Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Native Birds in Tamaki

Walt: write persuasively.

Do you like Native birds in your backyard? Well I love native birds in mine, we need more in our area. Why? Read on to find out

Tui are important we need them in Tamaki. Tuis are one of the most beautiful birds of New Zealand and we need more. They are part of the Honey eaters in New Zealand, they are one of the very few birds that pollinate the plants in New Zealand. They can help our area in Tamaki to have more plants as well they will eat the Harakeke seeds and they will fertilise and plant them as well. Maybe that is a way you could get them to come.

The Kakapo is one of the most critically endangered birds in the world. It is the heaviest Parrot in the planet and it is a Nocturnal bird and we have lots of nocturnal birds in New Zealand. It has a beautiful colour. It is one of the most unique parrots in the world and wouldn't that make you proud.e more of them We need to have more of them.

We need to have the magpie decreased because they’re horrible. The magpie are pretty but once you get close to it it will hurt you. It has a sharp beak and it can stab you. I have seen images and even with the naked eye Magpies eating chicks. So we should get rid of the Magpies to keep native birds living.

I think having more of these two native birds will make everyone proud and happy . I think that if we have the Magpie eradicated then we could have even more of those two native birds, and their chicks won’t be eaten as much. That way more people will look at Tamaki as the Native community.


Task Description: For this task I made a copy of a writing template and put it in my writing folder. I did the Introduction and the body paragraphs and finished it off with my conclusion. I posted it on my blog with a Title, Task Description, a Walt, and Labels.

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