Thursday, 30 March 2017

Ways to remember your Chromebook

If you are from any of the schools in the manaiakalani cluster of schools and you take your Chromebook home you will probably want to read this but you will probably already know.

To look after your Chromebook is very simple. I always use the hug hold but many use the flat book hold. You should never have your Chromebook open when holding it and moving while you are holding it. You should never ever hold it like you are reading a book. You should never ever slam your Chromebook lid closed.

I think i was forgetting my Chromebook because it wasn't a habit and I didn't always think about it.

You must always look after your Chromebook and never ever ever forget it. because if you don't then you will not be able to learn digitally. You must look after it otherwise it will get damaged.

Some ways you could remember to take your Chromebook to school are:
Put it in your bag before Bedtime
Have a sign on the door so you remember to put it in your bag

Have your brothers or sisters nag you about your Chromebook


  1. Great ideas to help to remember your chromebook Bethan. Sometimes I count off the things I need on my hands before I leave the house.
    1. Keys, 2. Wallet, 3. Phone, 4. Bag, 5. Lunch
    5 fingers = 5 things.

  2. Good stuff Bethan. I also have a mental list in the mornings. Also repeating 'I must remember my chrome book' rather then trying to not forget it works better. Dont forget it is your responsibility to remember it and I wouldn't want my brothers and sisters to nag me :)