Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Corkiuos

Walt: make connections across multiple texts

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The Corkiuos is a very beautiful bug and very dangerous if you get too close it will make itself inject poison in his horns and then it pokes you . Their mating season season is when the leaves start falling in New Zealand they mate by the female going on top of the male and then it start to inject baby eggs in the male and then after the three months they give birth in the rain forests of the south island. When they hunt they usually have flies butterflies and caterpillars and sometimes they will eat small spiders. The males are 20-23 centimetres long and females are 19-22 centimetres.

Task Description: For this task My friend gave me a doc and i put it in my writing folder. I wrote in all the information and made a picture of my bug on sumo paint. I put it on my Blog with a Walt a Title a Task Description and Labels.

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