Monday, 6 March 2017


Walt: tell your audience what you are looking forward to what are you hoping for and what you are nervous for Camp

Have you been on year five and six camp? I have, and it is really fun. If you go to point England school  you get to go on year five and six camp.

For camp I am looking forward to the pools because I want to go in the Jacuzzi because I love being warm and if it rains it will be the best. I do not really know what I will want to do, but I do like swimming. I am also looking forward to baking because I love to bake.

I am hoping that we do not evacuate because on the day we evacuated I did not get much sleep and I felt like sleeping that day. I felt like just turning into Godzilla and I do not like to turn into Godzilla. I am also hoping we will win instead of lose with the points in the Generals.

I am nervous about the concert because we have a weird dance because it is computer generated on dance central 3. I wonder if we'll actually memorise the dance. I am also  nervous about the weather because the weather forecast says it will be stink.

Task Description: for this task I made a new doc on my google drive folder. I wrote why I was looking forward to camp and what i was hoping for and what I was nervous about. I posted it on y blog with a high standard with a Walt a Task description and Labels.


  1. Hello Bethan,
    I really like the that you put down how your feeling and what you are looking forward to camp. But I really like the how you said pools the pools are amazing. But next time you should add more description.
    Thank you

  2. Hi Bethan,
    I really like how you show your feelings when you and how you look forward to camp and you said you look forward to the pools.But next time you should add more punctuation to your paragraphs.