Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Jonathan and Geraldine

This is the tale of a boy named Jonathan and a girl named Geraldine. They lived in two different boarding schools. Jonathan lived in a boy school and Geraldine lived in a girl school. There schools were feuding they hated each other and the worst part is they didn’t know why. Now our story starts when they were both on a school trip to the same place they were all allowed to explore by themselves and that was when Jonathan bumped Into Geraldine while she was looking at the history section now Jonathan was the smartest and the strongest of the boys in his school so Geraldine fell over. “Sorry! I did not mean to hurt you I am so sorry,” said Jonathan and geraldine replied: “Nah it's OK I fall over anyway i’m sort of stumbly.”  

Image result for cancer star constellationImage result for gemini star constellationThey became the best of friends. every night they would go to the field and always play a game of football they would sometimes lie down and look at the stars.they would try and find their star signs in the night sky. The loved to  name the stars Geraldine even showed her star sign Gemini and Jonathan found his one cancer they loved to talk about themselves and they were sometimes caught from the headmaster and headmistress of their different schools but that never stopped them from seeing each other. They loved to make tiny little mud people and the funny thing is the would take them to their boarding schools and then they would sometimes put them under their teacher's bed. They would always hang out together and they would often pretend to be sick when they had trips to get out of them.

Many years later they we're ready to go into high school and on that day when they were packing up their stuff because they became roommates in their middle schools Geraldine’s dad came. “Dad I missed you” said Geraldine. “I missed you too” said Geraldine’s Father “I always wanted to show you the new piece of Jewelry I made.” “ Wow it's so pretty. Anyway where’s mum” and at that word her father let a tear slip out and that was enough for geraldine to understand. She burst into tears and cried with all her tears until there were none left, then her father gave her a drink of water.

They were moving to England for her father to get married to a woman named Sarah Loncrat. She was the owner of an animal company saving animals around the world and was the most nicest lady on the planet. But the fact that geraldine had to leave france where she had stayed most of her life and made most of her friends broke her heart but it broke her father's heart when she left him to go to a boarding school so she owed him. She went away to england and thought of Jonathan.

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  1. Bethan,
    You have written a book! It is beautiful. I love it!
    XX Mumma Jay