Friday, 22 December 2017

Summer learning journey: Day one: Activity 2

Dear Naomi

Image result for wakaIt has been a 2 days since we have left our island sanctuary and to be honest I am feeling a little worried that we might not get to wherever we want to go. I hope we don't get crushed by the waves. us girls don't get very fun jobs but its nice to do everything with all the other girls and women its really fun though. I've been on the water before but this is way more fun than fishing and swimming.
Anyway That s all and hope aotearoa is as good as you've been telling me.


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  1. Hey there Bethan, nice to see you've been working hard over your summer holidays. I hope that you continue to keep it up all throughout summer.

    I've enjoyed reading your letter to your friend Naomi. I like how you've used the word sanctuary. It makes me think that you might be doubting the decision to leave the island in search for New Zealand. I love how you end with some positive words!

    Have you ever been on a Waka or a kayak?

    Thanks, Billy