Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Cross Country

Walt: Structure A Recount

On Friday the 1 September we had the cross country. Everyone was wearing mufti, they had to wear the colour of their house colour. Do you like cross country?

Before the race began the house captains had to share their cants. While i was waiting for the race to begin, my friends and I were chatting, playing hand games and singing along to the songs. We were chillin’ out in the sun and I finally found my purpose in life, and that was to play in the sun and be free. Then Mrs Nua told us to come up to the starting line

I was filled with butterflies and i started to get nervous, but i shoved all that down. I let my excitement take over. The clapper clapped i ran and i actually wasn’t last this time. I tried to catch up to the front and i ran. I was filled with determination it was a long race but i was going to make it short.  I ran with Ayla because some of my friends were faster than me, and some we're slower and i was in between but that didn’t mean i wasn’t having a hard time with Ayla because she was fast and we we're jogging. Then i saw the finish line.

I ran and ran I huffed and puffed and held my stitch all at the same time, and i finally passed the finish line. I whooped. I saw my dad and stepmum and i went to get my water. Once i had my water i went to give my dad a hug because it was his birthday, he was so proud. When i sat down, miss kathy poured her water on my legs! It was the best cross country i had ever had.

Next time instead of letting my legs feel weak, I will just try and sprint the whole way. I will also try to encourage others more instead of just running past them. I learned that if you have a determined spirit and run the whole way you can make 1.5 km feel like a few meters.

Task Description: For this task i did the cross country on Friday the 1st of September. Then I had to remember the events and what happened. I put it all in a template and then pasted it onto my blog. Before i published I put in a title a Walt, labels, and a task description.

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