Thursday, 21 September 2017

3rd Paideia Seminar

On Tuesday the 19th of September the extension group had a 3rd Paideia Seminar. The main statement was does civilisation really matter? We were put into groups according to the planets we were in. We started to make an effective argument about does civilisation really matter. I talked a lot but i tried to make people have 3 ticks instead of 2. We started talking about our planets and Naomi said her planet was the best but I think that my planet Hauhunga is the best planet because it is a winter wonderland and it was probably the best planet to adapt to because it is almost exactly like Antarctica.

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  1. Bethan I love the way you research the topic you are studying and you always come up with that 'outside the box' idea. You also encouraged others to participate and improve their skills and this is the essence of true collaboration. You are aware of the importance of working with others and helping them to make the links you so clearly see, so thank you!