Wednesday, 5 August 2015

New Beginings poem

New Beginnings Poem
We were being plundered and plundered and the elderlys thundered enough is enough.

As the numbers grew there was not enough land so we decided to go somewhere new.
There was no elderly on the waka except for one ancient man  
we decided to hear his journeys to new lands.
then suddenly there was a storm like hell
it did not go so well
then like being shaken awake from a nightmare it stopped
Until one day without warning off my brother  hopped.
He snached a branch out of the sea and held it in the air.
“It must be land!”i shouted out,
with food and animals to hunt as well.
i wonder who will find us in the land of the long white cloud,
the land of Aotearoa.


  1. Hi Bethan. Did you write this?! What a wonderful piece of work. I am super impressed. I hope you are having a wonderful term so far.
    Miss Thompson :)

  2. Hi Bethan, Thank you for showing me your poem. I love it. I like the part about being shaken out of a nightmare is how it all stopped - suddenly! Great imagery!
    Mumma Jay :)