Friday, 15 May 2015


On a cloudy starless night, a solitary boy called Jimmy was camping in the dark creepy woods, right by a lake roasting an incredibly delicious marshmallow.

When he heard an unexpected sound, he turned around slowly and then he gasped to see a slime-green, horrible but not so scary monster with glinting eyes  and sharp teeth.

Trying to defend himself Jimmy threw out his stick with his marshmallow on it. As quick as lightning the monster swooped out his tongue and gobbled it up. Once the monster saw the marshmallow he acted like a puppy and performed tricks like balancing on his tail and then rolling over.He performed the tricks for the marshmallows.

Desperately Jimmy felt for another marshmallow realising  it was the last marshmallow he thought “oh no what is he going to do”.Cautiously Jimmy held out the marshmallow.the monster slurped the marshmallow and almost his hand too.

When the monster finished his marshmallow he waited expectedly for another one,when he realised that there were no more, he reverted to a scary monster, he snarled then a chase began Jimmy stumbled over a rock and luckily he saw his pillow.He held it up and the monster reverted back to a nice monster Jimmy threw the pillow to the monster and he ran away the monster roasted the pillow and it incinerated.

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  1. You have done a great job with this Bethan. I love how you have included lots of interesting vocabulary and varied sentence beginnings.Well done.