Thursday, 18 June 2015

Bethan The lighthouse

On a dull, starless night, on a treacherous headland above a village, there was a lighthouse. It was an illuminating beacon that shone upon the sharp rocks in the sea.

The merry villagers in the tavern were celebrating the lighthouse’s Anniversary.”Yay!” you could hear them cheering again and again.

A lighthouse keeper in the lighthouse was doing his work by candlelight   .With annoyance he slammed the window thinking “I can't focus with them cheering like that, it’s really annoying”.Suddenly there was an unusual clanging. The lighthouse keeper looked out his window and the night plunged into darkness.

He rushed up the stairs to the mechanical cogs and wheels to see if there was anything wrong. It seemed OK so he got the toolbox and rushed up the stairs to the enormous lamp. He looked inside, he then heard a ship horn he looked and he saw the ship dangerously close to the rocks.

He lifted the lamp precariously and it shattered into shards gasping for breath he thought “Oh no ill be blamed and it’ll be all my fault I have to do something “ and the villagers thought “Lets go and help Mr lighthouse”. The lighthouse keeper opened his door and he saw all the villagers come up with their oil lamps to help him.Just like a miracle there was a flood of light and the ship went the right way.

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