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Deadlysaurus lived in the late Cretaceous period it was one of the most successful dinosaur’s. It got it’s name by horrible bacteria on its teeth and could kill any plant or dinosaur in one bite. Even if a dinosaur didn't die it would still get weaker and weaker and then it could just eat it.


For defence the Deadlysaurus had amazing weapons, it had a club and spikes. These were used to kill its prey and defend itself from bigger predators. Its main predator was the Spinosaurus and sometimes failed to survive the attacks.


When a female lays eggs she lays about 200 per nest. It’s nest is well protected because Deadlysaurus mate for life. The father gets food while the mother stays and protects the eggs. Even though about 100 survive the Deadlysaurus is really common. When hatched it was about 50 centimetres so the parents mainly look after them until about 10 years when they are 2 1/2 metres.


Deadlysaurus lived in jungles because that was where all the animals and most of the plants lived. It lived in caves made out of mud or loose stones and saliva. For the stone cave it would have loose stones and would put saliva all over it and stick others on. For the mud cave it would just get wet mud and pile it up and wait for it to dry. They would sometimes live in gigantic burrows under the ground like Cynodont, it’s ancestor.


I think that the Deadlysaurus was a very successful Dinosaur because paleontologists have found several full fossils and 200 incomplete fossilized skeleton remains.

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  1. Well done Bethan. I like how you have made your report on your invented dinosaur sound very authentic, (just as if it had been written by a paleontologist in a scientific magazine) You have included many reasons explaining why it has the different body parts it does. You have done a great job with this.