Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tyrannosaurus - Rex

TYRANNOSAURUS - REX (Ti-ran-o-saw-rus-rex) Tyrannosaurus - Rex was one of the most largest and famous of the carnivore dinosaurs. T - Rex was a very dangerous dinosaur. It liked to live in hot places and forests. It lived 85 million years ago, the late Cretaceous.

What is A T - Rex like
Tyrannosaurus - Rex was probably aggressive and caring. Could you imagine a giant T - Rex when it was a baby, less than a metre. When it was a baby danger lurked everywhere.

What was T - Rex attitude
Tyrannosaurus - Rex was a vicious predator that would do anything to get some food. He would even take on another male to get some food. He was a lizard with attitude.

How did it find its prey
Tyrannosaurus - Rex found its prey by smelling it. Tyrannosaurus - Rex had the best sense of smell of any extinct or living animal on earth. Imagine a Tyrannosaurus - Rex going into a room filled with animals, it could smell every single one and even tell what they were. Tyrannosaurus - Rex’s nose was 14 inches apart from each other.


I think that the Tyrannosaurus - Rex was a very powerful dinosaur. He was a great carnivore And very vicious predator. I think he is impressive.  

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