Thursday, 12 November 2015


On Wednesday the 11 of November our class went to manaiakalani. You may not know what manaiakalani is, I’ll tell you in my recount. So sit back relax and enjoy my writing.

What is Manaiakalani?
Manaiakalani is a cluster of schools that use digital devices. Some of the schools are: Pt England,Stonefields,and tamaki college. We have more schools but it’s too much.

Why do we do manaiakalani?
To celebrate each other and watch everyone's movies. We also get to see and learn some really cool things. We learn how to be Cybersmart, to care for each other and to be our self.


I like to go to the manaiakalani Film Festival. I have no idea what we’ll do next year. I hope we have some dramatic movies.

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