Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Museum trip

Last week on Friday we went to the Auckland Museum. We went there to learn about dinosaurs. We sang songs on the way in the bus I think the driver must have got a headache. I was in Amelia’s mum’s group. Amelia is one of my friends.

My favourite part was when we got to hold and smell Triceratops coprolite, a.k.a poo in the dinosaur class but don't worry it was fossilised. I also liked the 3d Goggles, they had a movie inside them. My third favourite part was when Amelia fell of the stairs when she was counting how many warriors could fit in the waka.

After lunch we did some rolly polly’s down the hill in clean rubbish bags. I said, “i’m dizzy”. We also got to chew on some lollies for being good. We had some water before we got in the bus and had some relaxation.

I like the museum, I haven’t been there in ages. All I remember from last time was the tree house and the stuffed elephant. I really liked holding special bones that only we could hold.

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