Saturday, 8 April 2017

The MIT.

On Friday the 7th of march the ambassadors went to the MIT and we presented in a room with lots of pretty ladies. There were 16  ladies and they were very nice. at he end we got to have some water and lollies from the goody bags they gave us. In the bag there was sherbet wrapped in licorice. There were two Fredos and one lollipop. there was also a big container with lots of Mini M'n'Ms. I really like being an ambassador.

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  1. Hello Bethan, Nice to meet you on Friday. We were most impressed with you and all the ambassadors who presented to us at University on Friday. Thanks for coming out to see us. It is great as student teachers to get an idea of what your learning is all about from the students' point of view! Well done. I can see that you have very colourful weeks at school with some very interesting challenges ... eating crickets!! very brave ! Good luck with your learning journey.