Thursday, 6 April 2017

Cricket Snack

Walt: Write a Narrative using interesting Vocab
Have you ever eaten real dead crickets before? Because we ate some at school, I think Mrs Stickland might have gone crazy. Today was not a normal Thursday. Today was a day I would never forget the taste of the healthy protein snack.
When i saw other people eating crickets I felt like they we're ok at first, and then the faces came. I saw Daisy could not even have some for 3 seconds. Naomi had watering eyes and Chastyti did not even want to eat it. My turn came and I had eaten the cricket and then I felt all revolting.
From now on I will never look at a cricket the same way. They’re disgusting. I hate to think that people eat bugs can you imagine everyone eating bugs. It Is never going to happen again i think crickets are bird food.
Task Description; For this task I made a copy of a presentation and put it in my writing folder. I did the experience before and yes they were real crickets. I posted it on my blog to a high standard with a Walt a task description and labels, and a title.

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