Friday, 14 April 2017

Books Poem

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Walt: Express Your Hobby Through Poetic Writing

Books Books so many Books
When I read them I don't care about looks
Turn a page read the words
You are in other worlds
Chronicles and Series
Ancient scrolls and Mysteries
Books Books so many Books
Rose, Book, Old Book, Blossom, Bloom, Rosenblatt, Used
Read a word don't care about looks

Task Description: I decided to express my love of books through making a poem I love books so Much that I cant keep my eyes away from them. Sometimes I wonder if I should be a novelist or a librarian.


  1. Hi Bethan!,

    Looking at this also reminded my how much I loveee books! What an creative poem you have. I like the bit when you said," Read a word don't care about looks ". I like to look up to people like you who write amazing stories and poems.

    Keep up the great work Bethan!


  2. I am glad you feel inspired Amelia

    You inspire me too how you love to blog and love being connected Online and you know how to do that responsibly. Sometimes i like to challenge you when you do it too.

    Keep up the great work Amelia!


  3. LOVE this poem Bethan! You could may be be both a novelist and a librarian. I wanted to be a librarian when I was younger too.