Friday, 10 June 2016

Avengers Assemble Story

Walt: Retell a story using 2 different stories.
Crash! Bang! KA POW! The avengers are fighting Ultron, Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver. There seem to be a whole load of robots they can’t do this without the hulk… wait a minute he is there. Quick silver makes a dash for Thor’s hammer and ooh that would definitely bruise. Thor just made a bang in the head move I have a feeling that might have made a lump. Hawk eye just shot an electrifying arrow aiming for Scarlet Witch in the forid. Black widow kicks quick silver in the back she makes a run for one of the robots.

For revenge Scarlet Witch casts a spell on the avengers making them turn on each other. They start to fight each other but what is happening half of them are going to other marvel characters. They go of fighting each other and make a really big hero mess. Psylocke sees the crime and is the only one that cannot get hurt. She must do something about it.

Psylocke tries to talk it out but they do not want to talk they fight. Meanwhile Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver have got what they we're promised Ultron gave them what they wanted. Psylocke fights a little bit and finally the spell wears off. The heroes are back to normal now and they are going to do something about what happened.

Task Description: For this task I got a template from the class and made a copy. I had to do writing using 2 different stories: Captain Civil War, and, Avengers age of Ultron. I had to plan it on a planing template.My main character was Psylocke and main Villain was scarlet witch.

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