Saturday, 14 September 2019

Should we have school uniforms?

School uniforms are something in almost every primary and secondary school in New Zealand. This has become a strong source of debate. Uniforms are the better choice because they let kids kick their financial background out of the door, gives students a better grasp on smart clothing choices, and keeps kids free from peer pressure.

Uniforms bring people of all different financial backgrounds into one group. The “rich kids” are bound to have expensive clothes, the “poor kids” are bound to have things like hand-me-downs, op shop clothes and other things. If you have a uniform the kids are all wearing the same thing and they can’t tell which is which. It puts the students on an even pedestal and no one is better than the other. This is what we want in modern society and if schools do this it brings the same attitude outside of school.

Uniforms are really smart looking. They make children seem like they know how to dress in a professional sense. This prepares them for the future. Especially if they want to take on professional jobs in the future. It gives students a glimpse into what they should look like so they do not humiliate themselves. We don’t want to humiliate our kids do we?

Uniforms also shield kids from peer pressure. Some kid could’ve just gotten the latest gucci hoodie and then everyone gets one, then there’s the kids who can’t afford a gucci hoodie and they feel left out. Peer pressure is a pretty common thing and students can get really depressed because of it. Uniforms prevent this, because they are all the same.

To conclude uniforms are the best form of clothing for schools. They provide an air of professionalism and make the students feel equal. Sure they may be expensive and a little bit uncomfortable at times but it is worth it. All schools should have uniforms because they make the schools a better place.

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