Thursday, 5 May 2016

Immersion assembly.

WALT: recount an event.

Have you ever studied comics at school before? For this term team 4 are studying comics, the other teams are studying other things (you’ll find out in the second paragraph). The school has their own exciting and exquisite topics as usual.

The school theme for this term is as i see it, which is all about art. Team 1’s topic was about there Favourite things and that they were going to draw them. Team 2 was about the seasons and how they can use the colours and designs the seasons have. Team 3 was all about Architecture and what designs of houses they think is pretty, weird, or even ugly, team 5 are doing waka races and i am not sure what they are doing.

Team 4 are doing sequential art which means writing with art. We are doing comic books and our topic is called KA POW, this is one of the coolest topics I've ever done. If you still do not know what sequential art is I will give you an example. You know how Caveman Drawn on there walls, well that’s sequential art.

What I want to get out of this term topic is that I can draw with more detail than how I can draw now. I want to learn about other comics other people made and how they were invented. I also want to know who the first person who made comic books. I am interested in what the first comic was about.

I think the theme for this term is awesome and I will get a lot of art finished and I will learn different art and detail. For the term I want to see if I can finish my extension project. I am really looking forward to this term.

Task Description : For this task we had to get a writing template from the class site and start writing. We had to make vocabulary which the whole class did together.

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