Monday, 19 December 2016

A Guide to England.

Walt: tell people information on one country. 

Task Description : for this task i went onto the summer learning journey. i then made a presentation on England. I wrote down  the information i could gather from the site. I published it on my blog with a complete high standard I used a Title a Walt Task Description and Labels.


  1. Kia ora Bethan it's Amelia. It's great to see that you are joining the SLJ, and blogging in the holidays. I've learned now alot about England. Great country choice! The country that I chose was Australia. What was the favorite thing you learned about out of this? Anyways Keep up the great work Bethan!


  2. Good afternoon Bethan,
    My name is Tania and I am a Manaiakalani Outreach Facilitator. I have been emailing with Rachel and she has told me all about The Summer Learning Journey, it's great to see you have made a start and picked your country. You are the first person I have come across who is traveling to England! I know I will learn more from you as you research, read, write and share. I have never been to England but would love to go there one day as that is where my Dad was born. Where would you like to go to in England?
    Have a great summer sharing your learning.
    Nga mihi nui

  3. Kia ora Bethan!

    It's great to see that you started the Summer Learning Journey back in December! I'm sorry I missed it on my first pass through the blogs!

    I'm Mark, a teacher working for the SLJ programme and am hoping now Christmas and New Years are over, that you can continue to work through our programme and learn as much as you can not just about England, but the other countries that are included in the activities! I do my best to comment on everyones blogs and you should see some of the work that is already being done! It looks like lots of students are really enjoying the programme!

    I have to say that England is an excellent choice, it has a huge history and there are all kinds of interesting things to do over there. I look forward to reading more of your blogs as you progress through it.

    Kia kaha! I hope to see you online soon, but if not I hope you're having a lovely holiday and are keeping up with your reading at least!