Monday, 21 August 2017

space story

Jeff woke up one morning with a very loose hip, he popped it back in place. Then he boarded his rocket ship to go to outer space. Now his hip was very bothering but he didn’t care. Today he didn’t expect his adventure to be an exciting scare.

Jeff had a silver rocket and it was very neat. He sat down on his chair and scrunched up his feet. A voice boomed out of the computer. “10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Blast off.” then he left his planet and then he had a cough.

“I’m heading to Mercury planet number 1 it is very hot.” said Jeff “should i land here professor Lotin Pot” Jeff was talking to professor Lotin Pot. He was mission controls planet expert and he new what to do. “No jeff that planet is not good for us it is poo poo” “ ok professor i’m movin’ on”

Jeff moved on to venus the second from the sun the hottest of them all. Venus was way hotter than Robert Wadlow was tall. “This one is the hottest of them all professor” said Jeff “jeff stay back and don't go any closer” said the professor “ we better get gone” “ok professor i’m movin’ on”

Look professor the third rock from the sun it's earth but i don’t need to go there i’m movin’ on

“The next one is mars” said jeff “the red planet the fourth one from the sun is it good professor Lotin pot ” the professor replied “so mysterious so exquisite is say we should not” “ok professor i’m  movin’ on”

“Whoa jupiter it's huge. But it's a gas planet so stepping on it will be a stooge.” said Jeff  “ you could fit in 1,300 earths in jupiter” Lotin pot was being a cocky professor. The professor said to go “ok professor i’m movin on”

Jeff went on to saturn. It's rings had a beautiful pattern. But the professor wasn’t so satisfied. “Jeff” said the professor “do you remember when i told saturn was good well i lied”  Jeff said “Ok professor i’m movin’ on”

Then jeff moved onto uranus it was lying on it's side. “I bet if he was alive he would orbit with pride. “ said Jeff  “It's different from the others ‘because it's  unique in color.” professor lotin pot wanted us to move on Jeff said  “Ok professor i’m movin’ on”

Jeff moved onto Neptune the planet made of ice gas. “Why it's not as big as that Jupiter mass.” Said Jeff. The professor had another idea. I don’t want to live on this planet i’d rather listen to Sia.” Jeff replied “ok professor i’m movin’ on.”

Uhhh professor lotin pot we have no more planets to explore. Does that mean earth is the perfect planet?“ the professor replied with a simple “yes” so jeff went back.

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